Old Friends

Me: ‘Hey! You’re Ginny right? I’m Jasper, remember me? From OBS?’

She paused for a moment before giving a delighted glee on her face. It was then everything came back to her, that night during OBS when we had to share a tent. But that’s another story to come.

Ginny: ‘Yeah! I remember you!. So pai seh lo that night. You wanna sit here? I’m having lunch alone.’

We chatted for a long while till about 2pm, when she had to go back to work. Her figure maintained at the school girl level, totally slim and tempting to have. She stood at about 155cm but her stats was proportioned to her height.

By then, we’ve exchanged our contacts and even arranged to meet for dinner the next day, since it was a Saturday.

The next day comes quick enough and we met at a quiet Coffee Bean just by the Merlion and continued with our talk. Somehow, we could clique very well, talking about school, personal lives, about work and even touching on intimate topics. Very soon, and unknowingly, it was the closing time that reminded us that it was late.

Gin: ‘Oh no, it’s already 11pm. Why did they close so late today. Aiyo.’

Me: ‘How are you going home? You stay in the north right? We can cab home ah.’

Gin: ‘Uh…. actually, I don’t have a lot of money with me. Oh! You can drop me at my place and..’

Me: ‘And?’

Gin: ‘Haiz.. my mother sure scold me one. Out till so late, I was thinking of calling her down to pay for the cab.’

Me: ‘Haha. Don’t worry luh. Let’s be on our way home. We’ll see how on the way.’

Cabs were all over the streets and within five minutes, we’re on our way, in a jam to home.

Gin *yawns*: ‘Thank you for the lift. I’m so tired luh.’

Me: ‘Haha. No problem luh. You want to lie on my shoulders?’

I didn’t really mean it since she was in a comfortable position, head quite away from me.

Grudgingly, she skid her head on the seat and dropped to my shoulder. As gently as I could, I turned my body to accommodate the position she was in.

Gin: ‘You smell nice.. like me.’

I was smiling in my heart. To me, it meant she was so comfortable with me. The driver was good too, he didn’t really peeped into the mirror to even have a look at us.

Her hand then went around my waist, pulling me closer and then using her tote bag to cover my lap. I didn’t really thought of it as anything since she could be feeling warm on her legs.

Suddenly, she lifted her head and gave my neck a little suck. I was sort of immobilised, not daring to move in case I hit her with my chin. Right then, I could feel her hand running across my jeans, tugging at my zip.

Gin: ‘You want help me?’

Planting my lips on hers, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, making sure it was only a tug at my underwear to my family jewel. Sitting behind the driver, I couldn’t feel any safer.

She pulled on my underwear and stroked my dick for a moment, before dropping her head even lower, sucking it slowly and silently.

For the rest of the trip, I rested my hand on her back while massaging her pussy from behind her, while she was lying on my lap, sucking me off. She was so wet that I could literally scoop her juices and spread it all over mine, which she didn’t mind tasting at all.

Driver: ‘About fifteen more minutes.’

We knew it’s time to finish it. My rubbing and fingering had already caused her to cum a few times and gotten her panties all soaked up.

She held herself up with her hands and went faster and deeper on me. Even choking and coughing a few times, she went on.

Me *whispers*: ‘I’m almost there.’

She held onto the base of my dick and went non-stop, with her hand, she could feel if I was cumming and immediately responded when I felt the charging up through my shaft.

Forcing her mouth all the way down, she pulled the ‘spring-load’ back and made me blew my hardest load down her throat. Every round I fired was 100% of my energy, right to the oozed cum from my softening dickhead, which she licked away and smiled.

Gin: ‘Thank you for the dinner and the ride home. Tomorrow.. you want meet for dinner again? So you can treat me? But I’ll ride you home tomorrow.’

Me: ‘Ha.. naughty girl. Sure. I don’t have anything on tomorrow anyway.’

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