Girl Next Door

Me: ‘Shh..’

Sheryl: ‘I can’t stop myself from moaning, you’re good.’

Looking at me with those pitiful eyes, it simply meant she needed more. We’re at 209, behind the metal sheets separating the construction and the neighbours. There wasn’t anywhere else for our short quickie. It was past the public’s sleeping time that she could sneak out of her place and meet me here. I didn’t had any curfew then, so I wasn’t quite in a rush to finish off.

Me: ‘I continue k?’

Sheryl: ‘Don’t stop, I’m already so wet le. Continue continue.’

She knew she didn’t had much time, so I couldn’t spend anymore talking. It was amongst rubble that we stood on, it seems like only a doggie style could be used in this case. Pumping her from behind as she used the handrail as a support and a grip for her frequent orgasms.

Sheryl: ‘GO FASTER! I’m cumming!’

I moved in the opposite direction her body pushes back, wanting me to go as deep as possible. It was a case of opposing force, she moves back, I force forward, right into her tight wet pussy. She was fresh from seconday four, and since she was a little girl, I’ve been her neighbour for as long as I could remember, watching her grow into a beautiful young lady every guy in my block would want to fuck.

Never once I saw her with guys, I would consider her clique to be only ‘pretty’ girls with standards nothing lower than her. I could never expect her to be such a sensitive and horny girl when it comes to sex. I was her first, and still hers. We had our own lives, but every night would be our exercise time. It was the only thing that made me yearn for – to go home.

We continued fucking non-stop, trying to keep as quiet as possible. But with her moans and breathing, it seemed quite impossible.

Sheryl: ‘Hey, let’s try something else. I’m getting tired quickly in this position.’

A dancer, I was reminded of her expertise once she placed her leg on the railing, standing on the other. I hugged her close to me and raised my hips for my dick to push my way into her.

Sheryl: ‘Uhh!’

Me: ‘I didn’t know you could do that. How does it feel? Can I start moving?’

Sheryl: ‘Yupp. It felt great. Better than doggie lo.’

I held onto her by the waist and moved only my hips up and down. In and out I went, sobs and moans she gave. It was super intense, there was no need for a break or anything. I just kept going according to how tight she was, all I wanted was to give her as many orgasms as possible. Making sure she’s addicted to me and our little activity into the night.

She suddenly jumped onto me and slid a little downwards, making my dick a little sore from the deepest penetration into her.

Sheryl: ‘Stop stop stop.. Don’t move. I’m cumming le.’

As she held on to me, her warm body trembled and juices flowed out of her cunt and down my balls. Her cum was different. It wasn’t thick nor white in colour, just a little sticky but clear, similiar to honey. Once she was certain it was over, she dismounted and squatted in front of me.

Me: ‘Your turn?’

Sheryl: ‘Hehe.’

Holding onto my shaft with her right hand, her hair covered my dick and warmth, and the high feeling was all I could remember. Forward and backward, slurps and bobs of air released as she sucked and pulled my meat out of her mouth. She could literally go on forever if I couldn’t ejaculate. I could tell she enjoyed pleasuring me as she kept her eyes on mine while doing her work.

After a good 10 minutes of blowjob, I had to release and all it went, into her mouth, not one drop was wasted. After I was done, she stood up and showed me the ‘mouthful’ I gave her. Watching a beautiful girl with your cum in her, sure makes you feel like a king.

Closing her mouth, she gave me a kiss and swallowed it down, ensuring I’m close enough to hear the *glup* sound. We quickly got dressed and head for home. Hmm.. must look for a new spot soon. This lift is close to completion now.