Scary Thoughts

Darren had gotten hold of a girl’s naked photos, videos of her showering and changing clothes in her own house, and her MSN address. How could he not think of getting something out of this? He knew he had the upper hand, although the videos of her wasn’t all that great, but she had a figure Darren could only imagine to own. He added her on MSN and she accepted his request immediately.

Girl: ‘Who is this?’

Darren knew exactly what to do, what not to say. After all, how could he miss a step and lose it all?

Darren: ‘This is someone who has gotten hands on some of your secrets.’
Girl: ‘Huh? What you mean? I don’t know who you are.’

He immediately took one of the photo and dragged into file sharing. She saw it and was totally shocked.

Girl: ‘How did you get this? Can please delete it?’
Darren: ‘Don’t worry girl. I won’t circulate it, but I’m not going to just delete it like that. Let’s have a chat.’
Girl: ‘Okay.’

She was prepared to take everything it needs to settle this, sitting at her computer, she wasn’t going to agitate this guy who has his hands on her indecent images.

Darren: ‘What’s your name? And how old are you?’
Girl: ‘Wan Qi. 15.’
Darren: ‘Okay. I don’t beat around the bushes, can we meet today?’
Wanqi: ‘Huh? For?’
Darren: ‘It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it. I’ll just spread these photos to my friends. I wonder how will they blackmail you.’
Wanqi: ‘Nono. Please please. Okay. I’ll meet you. Umm.. today?’
Darren: ‘That’s my good girl. Where do you stay?’
Wanqi: ‘Can don’t say? I’ll meet you anywhere you want.’
Darren: ‘Are you negotiating with me? Quite a smart girl huh? Let’s meet at Chinatown.’
Wanqi: ‘Okay. At 3pm?’
Darren: ‘Sure. Wear your sexiest outfit and no panties.’
Wanqi: ‘HUH? Can I just wear normal clothings?’
Darren: ‘No. Do as I say.’

Right then, Darren knew he had full control. He quickly packed a camera, and his nearly expired pack of condoms his friends bought for him 2 years ago for his birthday. Definitely his lucky day. He arrived on time and saw this familiar face wearing a tube with tight wrapping skirt.

Darren: ‘Hey, Wanqi right?’
Wanqi: ‘Yeah. Where are we going now?’
Darren: ‘Let’s go for a meal at Mcdonald’s first.’

Wanqi nodded. There wasn’t much she could do, except to follow his plans. On the journey there, Darren kept resting his hand on her waist to check if she wore underwear. Of course she listened to him and not wear. Right after, both of them had a quick meal and Darren was the only one speaking, warning her about non-compliance and how it could get worse. From the start, he wasn’t going to share her with anyone.

He then held her hands and walked towards the Hotel 81 opposite Chinatown Point. As terrified as she felt, there wasn’t much she could do. Checking in was done quick and both of them were in the room, filled with terror in the little girl’s face.

Darren: ‘Take off your clothes and go for a shower. After that, just wait for me in the bed.’

Wanqi had to strip in front of his lecherous eyes and showered without closing the doors. He was quick enough to set up a camera away from her sight facing the bed and proceeded to join her in the showers. Forcing her to give him a back-rub and cleaning him up, she was in tears but could not resist at all.

Treating her worse than a maid, he showered and ordered her around to get into bed naked. Lying beside him, he took her head and placed it on her chest, trying to break her tensed emotions. But there wasn’t much he could do either. Getting a little frustrated with her slow and shy movements, he spoke in a very stern tone.

Darren: ‘I want you to open up the blanket and suck my dick. If you cannot satisfy me, don’t think about leaving this room.’

Being only 15, and terrified by the blackmail, she could not say no. Holding his prick with her small hands, she spat some saliva over his dickhead and started stroking. She was slow, but skillful. Applying the right pressure, her point would be to satisfy him enough that he wouldn’t want – sex.

In under 10 minutes, he cummed all over her hands and lost control for a while. Wanqi knew she was closer to escape as she did her job. Little did she expect that this little ‘blackmailing’ was exciting him more than usual.

Darren: ‘Use your mouth and clean me up. After that, get on top of me. Don’t tell me you still virgin.’

How could he do this to her? Wanqi had never put any guy’s dick into her mouth except for her boyfriend. It took quite a while for her to convince herself and was forced to suck his dick clean. After she cleaned him up, she closed her eyes and climbed over Darren, imagining him as her boyfriend.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she felt him inside her. Riding Darren as how she would ride her boyfriend, it took little for her to cum, since she had a sensitive body to begin with. As she went on with the torture, Darren was slowly uncovering more about this Wanqi.

After a good 15 minutes of cowgirl, he got her to lie on her back and legs spread wide open for him to taste. Taking his first lick on a girl’s pussy, he could smell the scent of sweet body soap they used. It was just for his knowledge. After that, he positioned his dick outside her pussy and jammed in real hard and deep into her. Fucking her as though there was no tomorrow, he just rammed and rammed, looking at her pitiful little eyes. The whole thing has accelerated to rape.

Darren: ‘I’m cumming!’

He pulled his wiener out and aimed at her mouth, pushing it into her mouth, his cum burst out and filled her little throat.

Darren: ‘Swallow it.’

She did as ordered and ran into the toilet to vomit. It was simply too much for her to take. And for Darren, he thinks she just needs more practice.

They both got dressed and once out of the hotel, Darren allowed her to go home and she disappeared into a cab. That day’s activities just occupied his mind and he knew he needed more.

Darren: ‘Hello?’
Wanqi: ‘Yes?’
Darren: ‘Let’s meet on Tuesday. Same place. Same time.’

And he dropped the line.

What would she do? Or I should ask. What can she do?

Alternate Ending

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