On Arrivals

Once I landed at Changi Airport Terminal 3, a girl came up towards me and looked at me with gleaming eyes.

Girl: ‘Hey! Jasper right? I’m Jaslyn!’

Little did I expect her to ever come pick me up from the airport. Yes I did tell her about my arrivals, but she was more than what my little brother could take.

Me: ‘Ohh. Yeah. Jasper here. You really came to pick me up. Wow.’

Jaslyn: ‘Yupp. You told me about it mah. I help you hold this?’

She took my backpack and sling it over her shoulders. This beautiful girl was wearing a dress, a short one that ends just below her ass. I was totally distracted with stripping her in my mind, pulling those straps off her shoulders and letting her dress slip down her sexy little body.

We boarded a cab and headed for my place to put all my┬áluggages┬ábefore going out with her. The ride wasn’t just an awkward one without conversations. I told her about the trip and what I experienced, and also passing her a notebook I bought. As we spoke, her body inched towards mine and I wasn’t allowed to move, since I was sitting right behind the driver.

Slipping her arm under mine, her hand made its way to my pants, unzipping it as slowly as possible to avoid the *zip* sound. With a little effort, she got my elongated dick out in the open.

Jaslyn: ‘Remember I say I’ll suck it for you? Hehe. Sit back and relax k?’

She went down on me and her blowjob was done silently, not much saliva to reduce the slurping sounds, and she could still make me feel as though she’s fucking me, with her super tight hole.

After a good 15 minutes plus of road head, I could not hold my load any longer thanks to the excitement and thrill of being seen. Lifting her head up, I managed to get a breather to power down a little and whisper to her.

Me: ‘I’m cumming soon.’

Jaslyn did not say anything to me but to continue sucking, this time, going deeper, faster and a little wetter. Taking a deep breath, i shot my load into her mouth and she immediately changed her lips to suck on my peehole. She knew I was going to shoot, from the pumps that could felt through my shaft.

Me: ‘Jas.. your turn now.’

Jaslyn: ‘Huh? How?

We swapped position and this time, she was lying on my lap, with her lower body behind the driver. Running my hands over her dress, I pulled it up a little and revealed her nicely shaved pussy in the flashing street lights as the cab cruised in the clear roads.

I begin to gently rub her clit in a circular motion with my fingers, flicking it outwards would make her grab tight on my hand. Slowly, I proceeded to push my finger into her hole, and getting deeper into her with every stroke. I could feel her juices trickling down her pussy, through her ass crack.

Not planning to stop till we reach my place, I kept changing between rubbing and fingering her, pinching, rolling her nipples occasionally. How could anyone take this kind of simulation? There wasn’t any exception. We arrived at my place and she brought the bag up, excusing herself to use the toilet and we ended up in doggie position inside.

It was more of a quickie than sex. She was in front of the mirror, with her hands on the ceramic sink. I was behind her, aiming and filling her love hole with my magic stick, making sure she was nicely taken care of. I started to slam her from behind and the sound of my balls against her pussy was priceless.

She did not make a single sound but her hands was backwards, holding my hips as close to hers as possible. Hugging her from behind, grabbing her twin mountain tightly, I whispered into her ears.

Me: ‘Where do you want me to cum?’

Jaslyn: ‘In me! Please.’

I continued my last few strokes of motion and pumped all my sperms into her, making sure I unloaded everything into her. She knelt down, giving in to the tiredness from the pleasure. There was not a single drop that got out of her. I remembered I was cumming and thrusting my hips against hers, forcing the cum to go as deep as my dick could reach.

Jaslyn: ‘You’re good Jasper. I came a few times too.’

Me: ‘Hehe. How does it feel inside you? Only a bit right?’

Jaslyn: ‘What a bit? A lot lo. You shot so much into me. Feels super warm. I like this feeling.’

Me: ‘Haha. Ehh! Look. Still got some flowing out from my dickhead.’

She bent over and cleaned me up, making sure by sucking the thick meat pump like a straw. We had our fun and she went home after making her call to her parents to pick her up. Sure we’ll meet again.

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