Beach Fun

Jaslyn’s number appeared on my phone which was in silent mode, being just awake, I picked her phone up and spoke in a low voice.

Jaslyn: ‘You want to go to the beach?’

Me: ‘Haha. So early. Which beach?’

Jaslyn: ‘I don’t know.. Sentosa?’

Me: ‘Haha. Okay. Are you driving or taking train?’

Jaslyn: ‘Dad’s out, I have the car for today. See you at your carpark?’

Me: ‘Okay. Give me a while ba. You take your time ah.’

I got up and washed up, knowing today will definitely end in some wild sex. Meeting her under my flat, I hopped in and saw her dressed in a plain pink shirt and shorts undone. Inside, she was wearing her new swimwear bought from a blogshop. Looking closely, I saw a wire leading out of her bottom and under the e-brake.

Me: ‘So early feeling horny?’

Jaslyn: ‘Ya lo. Haha. Want to be ready for you mah. Let’s go.’

The ride there was one full of stops. As we set off early while it’s still dark, there’s a lot of time to ‘pit-stop’ till about 9am. During the trip, I was playing with the controls adjusting the strength of vibration of the little toy in her pants. Naughtily massaging her boobs while she’s driving, she had to stop twice and find a HDB carpark to get herself off.

Driving into carpark one, we stopped at a corner and she pulled my bermudas down, sucking and pumping her head up and down. She was determined to punish me for teasing her during the trip. Jaslyn was a girl who has high sex drive. Of course she takes good care of me, and will stop if I asked her to. But don’t you guys think I need this from her?

She kept going at it till I was ready to cum. She had this skill (which I think many females do), which could tell if I was going to cum soon. It wasn’t from my expression but from my piston movements in my shaft. Pumps and gears, she could feel them all with her hands and stop when required.

Jaslyn: ‘Shoot inside me.’

Getting into a doggie position in the cramp driver’s seat, she pulled her shorts down and looked at me with an expression you just had to give it to her. Pushing my whole length into her, I was going to unload soon. I increased my pace and speed, making the car bounce a little. She quickly wind her windows down and stuck her head outside, letting the neighbours hear the moans and screams from my piston going in and out of her. As her juices trickled down her thighs, I was all ready to fire.

Me: ‘Shooting..’

Without hesitation, I squeezed every drop into her, pushing my seeds deep into her. Right after we were done, we suddenly realised what we did and people nearby could actually be coming our way.

Quickly, we got dressed and continued on the journey to Sentosa. Getting back onto the road, I couldn’t help but get turned on by her sexy body and the wet biniki bottom she was wearing. After I rest for a while, i turned the vibrator on for the second time and this time she had to stop at a 24hour McDonald’s with a ‘Drive-Thru’.

We got ourselves an ice cream and proceeded to the empty carpark. Stripping our bottoms down, we moved to the well-tinted backseats and made enough space for some missionary fucking.

Jaslyn: ‘You know why I ordered ice cream?’

Me: ‘Hmm.. Let me see if I got it right.’

Dipping my dick and twirling the ice cream around, I got some cream coated and proceeded to aim for her pussy.

Jaslyn: ‘So clever.’

With her legs around me, she yanked me forward and shoved my whole stick into her. With every backwards action I make, she would use her legs and pull me right back, plunging me as deep as possible into her. We carried on despite the sky getting brighter. With every minute passing, the cream needed to be refilled and we did, fucking while eating ice cream, quite a challenge huh.

We finished the cream above the cone and the next suggestion she made was fun enough.

Jaslyn: ‘Eh, dip your dick inside leh.’

I did so while replying her: ‘Why? Want to eat ah?’

Jaslyn: ‘Haha. No lah. We’re going to get dirtier. Try putting it in my butt?’

Getting back into doggie position, her ass was aimed right at me. Covering my dick in more cream, I spread some over her butt hole and her anus using my dick as spreading knife. Once prepared, I gently pushed my little head in and moved in and out.

Already it was as if fucking a virgin.. well.. ass, I doubt I could go for too long. Gradually sinking my meat into her deeper, her moans had changed to screams of pleasure. It was definitely new and special for her. We fucked for a good 5 minutes before the both of us could not take it and I just cummed into her ass without warning. Leaving it inside for a while, I had to wait for my dick to relax a little before pulling it out of her sore asshole.

Not wanting to spend anymore time pit-stopping, we made our way to Sentosa and of course, the toilet was a must-have-sex-in location. We were so early that we could see couples exiting from the toilets together. It was a fun day of swimming and eating and touring around the whole island.

Jaslyn kisses and say: ‘You are still swimming around inside me lo. A lot as usual.’

Me: ‘Hehe. You got two holes all filled up. Good hor?’

Jaslyn: ‘Yupp. Thanks for meeting me today. Let’s see each other soon k? I’m going to miss you.’

With that, I got off her car and made my way home. Tiring.. but definitely memorable.

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