Girls Rape Guy?

It was 4.00pm and school just ended for Joel. As usual, he took the usual route home, cutting into the familiar shortcuts. Within 15minutes, he was just across a road home, like how we crossed roads, left, right and left. He saw a car and waited for it although it was still quite distance away.

To his surprise, the car stopped in front of him and the windows opened, revealing a female driver in front and two girls behind.

Girls: ‘Hey! You wanna have some fun?’

Joel: ‘I’ve got to get home. Sorry. Maybe next time?’

Those girls were hot, and dressed skimpily as well. How he wished he had time, but his lunch was already bought for at home. As he turned to walked behind the car, the passengers’ door opened and knocked him off his feet. Quickly fumbling to his feet, the girls wasted no time in dragging him into the car and drove off at high speed.

Somehow, Joel could not over-power them while they locked both his hands to the handle above the windows. He watched as the car stopped at a semi-detach bungalow. Both the girls then unlocked one side of the cuffs and secured it to themselves.

Joel: ‘What are you girls doing? Let me go.’

He could not beat them, those girls were sporting fit, hot, while he had been cutting back on his workout. Into a room he went and got chained up on a special bed. With a frame he had only seen on online sex shops selling furnitures. Should he be happy? Or very scared?

Girl A: ‘Let me introduce myself. I’m Jovin.’

Girl B: ‘And I am Maryann.’

The driver was not in the room, but that was least of his worries. Soon enough, the idea of being kidnapped came on and he was no longer in a thinking state.

Jovin: ‘I’m so sorry that we had to do this. But we meant no harm. Just do as we say and you can go. I can even assure that you won’t go to the police.’

Maryann: ‘You are so lucky to have met us. Jovin, you go first. I’ll just watch. We swap later k?’

Jovin: ‘Haha. Okay.’

As Joel lie on the bed helplessly, Jovin started taking her tank top and skirt off, while Mary removed her shirt and shorts and sat on the bean bag with a little bullet vibrator, ready to go. Both of them had beautiful tanned bodies, fit and obvious collarbones, which Joel likes. Jovin then came over to Joel and unbuckled his school pants, and undid his shirt. Cutting away his underwear was the only way to take it off.

Jo started by giving him a few strokes and sucked him. Her blowjob was so good that it calmed him down and his little brother was out of fear soon enough. Getting into the mood that the girls wanted, Jo was prepared and climbed over his throbbing dick. Rubbing her clit to get wetter, both the girls were touching themselves so much that Joel wanted to be part of this.

As he felt Jovin’s thick, honey-looking juice settling over his dick, she knew she needed more. Sitting down gently, Joel watched as inch-by-inch, his dick disappeared into a hole of wonders. She was very tight for him, so much that he knew he could not last at all.

Jovin enjoyed the little bull ride as she moved up and down, forward and backwards, sideways. His dick was simply going to burst with the grinds and torture. She was totally enjoying it, look at his struggling look, trying to control himself from cumming.

Suddenly, her pussy tightened more than before and her feeble body fell onto him, which by then, Joel could not take it anymore and pumped his week-load of warm cum into her. Maryann then came over and helped Jovin and it was her turn now. Jovin’s weakened body was right beside Joel, looking at him with a satisfied look – and a grin.

Joel felt different this time, his rod was up and blood-filled in no time. But both the girls were not surprised.

Joel: ‘How can I get hard so fast?’

Maryann: ‘We’ve applied a special cream on our clit, that’s why you can last so long, so we can enjoy ourselves. Hehe. Ready?’

Not wanting for his answer, she took Jo’s position and went off, doing what Jovin had did to Joel. But it seems that Mary prefers more of just hard and rough fucking, bouncing up and down off Joel. After 5 minutes, she stopped and asked him.

Maryann: ‘How about I undo you and you fuck me?’

Joel: ‘I can do that. But I can go after I’ve done what you said right?’

She unlocked the chains and he was freed. Like an animal released into the wild, he got on top of her and started work. Slamming his hips against hers, pushing his dick right to the end of her vagina, ramming it hard, and fast into her, forcing it in when she didn’t expect him to be.

No one ever made Mary so happy, how she wish he could be locked up here forever, and be her sex slave. Continuing the hi-speed bonking sessions, she blacked out a few times from the pleasure but recovered fast enough to keep going. As she took the last orgasm, it was the hardest and the one she got knocked out on.

By then, Jovin was going to finish what Mary started. Taking Mary’s place, Jovin spreaded herself on fours and lay above Mary. He penetrated her for the second time and did how rabbits did it. Fast and furious. Jovin was out of his league. He kept going despite Jovin screaming for him to stop, she was enjoying it, but it was too much to take and soon enough, she fainted. Switching back to Mary, he went on and fucked her lifeless body, knowing that he had to finish it again.

After cumming his second load into Mary, he guickly getting dressed, took his bag and left, leaving his contact number in case the girls ever needed him again. Hmm.. How long do you think Jovin and Maryann can take before calling him again?

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