The concert ended quite late after the clean-up and packing. Joyce and I made our way home and we took a bus since both of us were broke. As a gentleman, I should help her carry stuff and send her back right? Anyway, nothing happened on the bus luh. We alighted at her stop and walked towards her place.

Joyce brought a number of bags and knowing that she was worn out, I made sure she had almost nothing to carry on the way home. I shall give a little introduction about her. She was my secondary school friend, same CCA and I’ve been to her place a few times. She’s a small-sized girl, small boobs and very cute although just 2 years my age difference. I like girls like her. The best things in a small package.

Joyce: ‘Are you tired?’

Me: ‘Haha. Yeah. But got you mah.’

Joyce: ‘Wah. You still can joke. Tired still carry my bags.’

Me: ‘Help you carry lo. Who ask you so cute?’

Joyce smiled and answered: ‘I knew it.’

As we started the uphill climb, she held onto my arm and walked. Upon reaching her gate, she pressed the doorbell a few times and sat on the road curb, leaning on my legs for a while. After a good 10 minutes of nap time, she jerked awake and wondered why no one answered the door.

Joyce: ‘Ehh.. why no one home ah.’

Me: ‘You don’t have keys?’

Joyce: ‘Have luh. Just lazy take out.’

She suddenly realised I didn’t put any of her bags on the ground and she hurriedly took her keys out and opened the doors. This is why she’s so cute. I made my way in and put her stuffs on the table, looking at the clock, it was close to 12am.

Joyce: ‘Wah lau. They all went to Malaysia without telling me. Ehh.. Can help me bring my bags upstairs?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Into your room?’

Joyce: ‘Yupp. I go get a drink and will be up in a minute.’

So am I going to be ‘up’ in a minute. Sitting on her office chair, I turned rounds while waited for her. Knowing that she would definitely turn the air-con on, I did so and closed her door. *footsteps incoming*

Joyce: ‘Oi! What you doing? Haha. Just kidding. Ehh! You help me on the air-con ah? Or I didn’t off? OMG.’

Me: ‘I on one lah.’

Joyce: ‘Wah.. Heng. Nah! Coke. I go change first. Later you help me unpack.’

I started putting her bags on the floor and opened them up, just as I sat up straight, her little body wrapped in towel was on the bed. I swerved my chair towards her and she opened her towel up, wrapping my head with her little nips. Licking, lapping, sucking, nibbling, anything you can imagine me doing with my mouth. She was in a kneeling position, legs a little spread.

Knowing what she might want, I felt between her legs and started massaging her clit, making tiny circular motions with my middle finger. In less than a minute, moans escaped from her mouth and she pulled my shirt off me. Bending forward, she unzipped my pants and whipped my hard little brother out, stroking it as I continued to rub her.

She stopped a while later, passing me a condom from her drawer. While I capped on, she faced herself away from me and got onto her fours, spreading her legs wide for me. After I’m done insulating myself, I teased her hungry pussy with my dick head, swiping it up and down her slit. As slowly as I could, I started pushing my dick in, cm by cm, so slowly that she had to.. hurry me.

Joyce: ‘Ehh! Stop teasing me leh. Put it in le lah.’

Granting her wish, I slid my shaft into the wet cave and hammered away. Joyce’s little body shivering and cumming again and again as I stay focused. About 15 minutes into our sexxion, she flipped around and no doubt we called it ‘missionary’, I didn’t change much from the ‘doggie’ style. I was still standing at the edge of the bed, this time, pumping her instead of hammering.

She got tighter with every orgasms and finally, I had to give in to her.

Me: ‘Joyce, I can’t take it anymore, have to release le.’

Joyce: ‘So long! I was going to ask when you shooting lo. Ohh! Shoot in my mouth today ba. Don’t waste it in a condom.’

Me: ‘Haha. You say one ah.’

Joyce: ‘Ya lah!’

Taking it out of her love hole, I yanked the condom off, moved to the other edge of the bed and plugged it into her mouth. Automatically, she slurped and sucked, covering the meat stick with her lovely saliva. Without warning, huge spurts of warm cum entered her mouth and she composed herself after the surprise, swallowing it as it overflowed her mouth.

Joyce: ‘Wahh! So much. What you ate?’

Me: ‘Haha. I think you should ask me how long I never masturbate le lo.’

Joyce: ‘How long?!’

Me: ‘About 4 weeks? Since I left for Australia until now lo.’

She gave a very faint smile and I spent the night at her place, cuddling and fondling each others’ body and enjoyed the warmth and company.

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