We finally met up at somewhere East around her place and we held hands walking around. She was going to bring me to this stairs where there’s a door and private enough to.. do anything. Who’s she? She’s Jolie, cute little girl I met. A jovial, lovely girl whose smile would melt your hearts, and she had a character which I would describe as so soothing that you wouldn’t bear to get angry with her.

She led me into this corner and without saying a word, we kissed. We’ve known each other online for some time, talking online, on phone, webcamming. Everything was comfortable. We hugged each other tighter as we kissed on and my little brother was slowly rising, putting pressure on her little panties. The dress that she wore was short enough, that with a bent of my knees, I would be able to see what’s underneath.

I gently use my hardon and pressed onto her pussy, in and out, sliding up and down, preparing her for the wild ‘whatever-I-can-get’ coming up. Her tongue got deeper and wetter, by then, our hands were all over each other, her smooth long fingers were undoing my pants while my fingers were under her, making her wild with the rubs and pinches on her clit.

What was our promise? That I would do ‘a few’ things to her and we hooked our little pinkies to secure that promise.

Jolie: ‘You want to lick me?’

It was a question I couldn’t refuse. Up till now, only my fingers were lucky enough to feel the smooth shaved pussy. Now, I get to taste it. She took her pants and undies off and opened her legs, while I got seated between her opened legs. Embracing herself by holding onto the railing, my tongue aimed for her clit, sucking on it, ¬†grinding it very gently with the tip of my teeth, only moans and breathing could be heard. A little painful for her, but pain would mean elevating her senses too. She finally had to stop me at 5 minutes mark of the crazy pussy-licking.

We had so much fun in the little corner, playing with each other’s body, truly ravishing it even with most of our clothes on. I turned her around to face the little window on the door and grabbed her from behind, sliding my finger up and down her slit, she finally gave in and asked for my dick instead of my finger. I wasn’t going to take her virginity until she’s ready.

Rubbing my dick very her wet slit is stimulating enough, my throbbing meatstick could not take it anymore between her legs and I popped the golden question.

Me: ‘Your turn to eat now.’

Jolie smiled at me and slid down against the door, positioning her mouth at my dick. Imagine a small sized girl squatting in front of you, mouth open and aiming to catch your meat diving for her tiny mouth. She took it in and sucked hard, not letting it escape. Her suction and hands movements on my shaft was perfect. It felt wet, tight and really good to replace a pussy-fuck.

Her mouth didn’t stop until I was ready to blow my load. Her tongue felt the pumps working, vessels expanding and she stopped.

Jolie: ‘Can don’t cum inside my mouth?’

Me: ‘Yupp. Where do you want me to cum then?’

Jolie: ‘On my hands?’

Me: ‘Okay.’

She stood behind me as I gestured her to and jerked me off, as though jerking herself – if she had one. I quickly grabbed her panties from the floor as I pretended to bend over to adjust my shorts. With her irregular hand movements, I warned her and she cupped her hand in front of my pee-hole while still stroking me with her other hand. As the warm cum filled her hand, she used both her hands and collected all my love potion, without a drip on the floor.

Jolie: ‘Ehh.. how do we clean this up?’

I dropped her panties on her cum-filled hands and she had no choice but to clean her hands with it. After cleaning most of it, I passed her a bottle and she washed her hands again. Looking at the ‘dirty’ panties, she didn’t want to go around bottom naked, so with a cute disgusted face, she put them on and grabbed my hand, walking out of the secret spot.

Jolie: ‘Don’t tell anyone k? You’re my boyfriend now.’

How can I bear to break this sweet little girl’s heart? She’s a girl every guy wants to be with. I could only feel happy and warm when with her.

Me: ‘I won’t. You’re my girlfriend! Yay!’

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