Wanna go out?

Me: ‘Jie! Want go out? I’m going to Made With Love!’

Just minutes ago, my sister returned from work dressed in a spaghetti top with a shawl of very thin material over her neck. She matched her top with a pair of denim skirt which wasn’t too short to make her look slutty. Knocking on her room to check on her, she replied very faintly.

Sister: ‘Yes?’

Me: ‘I’m going out to Plaza Sing. You want to come along?’

Sister: ‘Yes yes! Wait ah! I change into something more casual first.’

She appeared from her room in a pink tube and a Tokidoki jacket over her. How I wish she wasn’t my sister, so that I could.. Anyway, we took 133 from Ang Mo Kio to Dhoby Ghaut. The bus was pretty crowded from the start and we got on before everybody else and rushed to the upper deck, only to realise there wasn’t any seats left. We went back down and stood at the ‘standing zone’, only to be squeezed in the little corner.

Sister: ‘Kor, hold this.’

She handed me a controller from the stockpile of sex toys I have for sale. Our position was cramp that we were facing the window and no one could make out what we were speaking or doing.

Me: ‘Huh!? Where did you get this from?’

Sister: ‘From your stock lo. I wanted to have fun mah. Don’t be angry lah. You can punish me now.’

Since we’re stuck in a little jam along Serangoon Avenue 4, I thought this could entertain her for a while, no doubt my little brother is woken up by the idea. Standing in the corner, her legs shivered and almost made her lose her balance. Gripping my forearm tightly, I could tell she was having fun. Slowly pushing my arm downwards, my hands quickly ran up her skirt and between her legs, greeted by the soft wet panties she had on.

I turned my body to face her and the wave of people boarding simply made the push more ‘innocent’. My fingers were in her panties, running up and down her leaking slit. Within minutes, she could not take it anymore and unwillingly used her own fingers to push mine into her hole, which was also busy with the vibrator.

The hour of fun seems to pass quickly and we reached our destination. I turned the vibrator off and we went around with our shopping. For the thrill of another quickie, we went into the Giordano and picked a few pieces of clothing before going into one of the changing rooms. We were quick to strip down to our undies and I yanked the wireless bullet out of her privates, replacing it with my blood filled stick. Plunging in and out of her, we were fucking doggie style without rest, heaving and panting as silently as possible, totally excited by the risk of getting caught.

Finally, her tight pussy extracted whatever I’ve saved for the longest time. I could literally feel my balls pumping everything into her, at the same time pushing it deeper with my dick and finally sliding the wireless bullet back in as a ‘stopper’.  That’s my horny little sister for you – on the pill. I cleaned up with her help (mouth) and we paid what we’ve picked, another short skirt for her and a shirt for myself. There wasn’t much I can do about her soaked panties, mixed with my cum and her own juice.

Nonetheless, we went home contented and were so tired that we were asleep most of the time on the bus. What more can a guy ask for from a pretty sister?

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