Chocolate Play

I met Pam after work and we went to my house. She brought a bottle of Hershey chocolate syrup and went to my room as instructed. Of course, the photo shoot was getting more daring and kinky.

I got into the bed with her and she popped open the cap, ready to drench my meat with it. I took the bottle from her, and told her ‘I want to eat you first’. She turned onto her back and opened her legs wide. The pink slit became brown and I quickly started feasting on the chocolate. Somehow, the syrup tasted sweeter when mixed with her moistening flesh. As the choc got lesser, more of her juice were smearing the mess all over her thighs.

She cummed really hard from the slow licking and trembled even after I stopped. A few drops on her breasts and again, I was taking as much as I could into my juice-chocolate covered mouth. She was moaning non-stop and unconsciously rubbing her clitoris. She came for the second time and was most horny than ever.

Quickly changing position, she poured a handful of the sweet brown syrup on her hands and rubbed it all over my throbbing meat. She licked it all over in attempt to make the stick pink again. Without her knowing, I cummed during the second round of her chocolate smearing and it was mixed with the chocolate.

She didn’t really notice the extra liquid and continued licking and sucking. It tasted different, but she didn’t know. =P

She went on for a long time and I was of course hard, but it would take longer to cum again. I got on top of her, pushed my chocolate covered dick below her brown pussy and slid across her pussy for as long as she wanted. I could tell she was in the heavens as she cummed and wanted more, like a vicious cycle.

After 18 minutes of sex play, she wanted to put it inside her. She was really horny again and wanted more. I was very reluctant as she intended to save it after marriage. And I’m very sure she would be good in bed from her performance up to now, without sex.

Slowly, I tried to put into her, and inch my inch, my dick disappeared into her. There was blood, and she was in pain. I stopped and only moved when she give me a go. Her pussy was ripped open by my huge dick. I was feeling her pain just by looking at her small hole taking all of my meat.

As gradually as possible, I increased my speed bit by bit. And in no longer than 5 thrusts, she was already asking me to go faster. In and out our privates slapped against each other, the mess was epic, blood, chocolate, cum, all over our bodies. Her tight hole squeezed me and I pulled it out just in time to launch it all over her stomach.

We lay on the bed heaving and catching our breath. She flipped towards me and hugged while she cried. Both of us were worried of what’s about to change our lives, but I assured her that she will be well taken care of, and wouldn’t leave her.

The mess took us 30 minutes of non-stop cleaning and we were teasing each other while we did the clean up naked. Just before we went home, she gave me a quick handjob at one of the staircase at her flat. It was quick, but intense. And in return, I fingered her after my turn. I made sure she put on her panties covered with my cum before she went home.


I was on bus 22, dozing off occasionally and waking up at random times to feast my eyes on young girls in cute sexy office wear.

A lady in early 20s came towards me and sat beside me. She was partially squashed by a large man sitting next to her, so her body was pretty close to mine. Long hair, highlighted blond, made up face and black long pants, showing off her slender thighs.

She was taking glances at me at the corner of her eyes, and how did I know? I was stealing looks at her too. She began typing smses like most others on board and keyed in numbers on her dial pad. She tilted her screen enough for me to see and included a line, ‘my number’ after the numbers. I whipped out my phone and took it down, saving her name as ‘bus girl’.

She replied my texts and we agreed to meet as soon as our work ended.

At 6.30pm, I texted her and she replied quickly that she was waiting for me at the bus stop we alighted, at the Print Media Hub. We met up and took the bus 22 towards Ang Mo Kio. We then dropped off at her bus stop and went to her place.

She was living alone and had cats. *meow* the cats greeted me as I entered her room. She laid on the bed and hid under the blankets, still clothed. I pounced on her and frenched her crazily. I was on top, and my knee were between her legs. Her hips were grinding themselves at the bent of my knee.

As her body warmed up, I unbuttoned her blouse and she pulled my shirt off me. She was wearing a black halter tube bra and damn, her erected nipples were showing. She yanked my jeans down and slipped her hands into my boxers, working me up with her long icy fingers.

I lifted her bra off her small suffocating breasts and sucked on them mercilessly. Her moans were echoing through her room and her movements were shaking the bed. Without waiting for more, I removed her pants and she was in black lacy stockings. Upon more exploration of her panties, I realised it was an ‘open slit’ type. Access was made easier with that.

I positioned her on fours and went behind her. Slowly guiding myself into her, she was clenching her bedsheets tightly and breathing faster, possibly trying hard to relax. Soon, hammer time came and I started my pounding. Blood started streaming down her thighs and being in shock, I stopped. I was raw, and she was bleeding.

‘I’m a virgin, sorry’, she said while sobbing. ‘Do you want me to continue?’, I asked and for a reply, I got this. She turned her head towards me, nodded and smiled. Her hips rosed and I continued going.

As I got near to cumming, she was close to fainting. I turned her around to keep her tired hands in form and plunged my blood covered dick into her in missionary position. She sobbed and smiled at me while I focused on making her go crazy with pleasure.
In six minutes, I couldn’t hold myself back anymore and pulled it out and crawled to her face. She used her hands to stroke and completed the process for firing. It was a kinky sight to see lots of my cum, mixed with her pussy juice and blood, to get onto her face, squirts after squirts. She was still in tremble but was resting then.

I took the dirty linen out and she changed into her home clothes after a quick shower. We cleaned the whole house and rested for a good 3 hours till night. Lying with her is too arousing to not have another erection. Her body and face is well maintained, and she was working as a CEO of a big company. And her high position in the office made it challenging for anyone to hit on her.

We will be meeting every now and then when we do not have anything on after work. The day ended with her sucking me off under the blanket and all I had to do was to get hard and shoot. For the convenience not having to change the sheets again, she drank my cum, falling asleep right after she sent me on my way.

iRaped 3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

There was no activity apart from sex with Polly. Belle and her brother did not step in for one whole day. There was a hot kettle and some cup noodles, which was our breakfast and dinner. The door opened after someone struggled with it and we waited for what was about to come.

It was a couple of girls no older than 16. Of course I was shocked, Ben (name of the bulky) brought them here for a sex education. They allowed him to shave their pussies and used Polly to show them how to masturbate. They got the hang of it and the looks of them getting off turned Ben and I on as well. He introduced them to sex by penetrating wet Polly and secretly asked Polly to make it look as though she felt real good.

Ben then asked one of them to position in missionary in front of me and asked the other to go into doggy before him. On the count of three, we shoved our dicks into them and pumped away, careful not to cum in them. They enjoyed the sex after the pain and would come again tomorrow. He arranged for Belle to let them in and use me in anyway they want. With Polly helping them as well.

Ben won’t be around tomorrow, and Belle would be out of the house after the two girls come. I wonder what will come tomorrow, both Polly and I are excited. Nightfall came and Polly offered to service me. She made sure I don’t have to do anything, except just cumming inside her.

Belle came into the room early at 6am and I gave her a round of morning sex before she prepared to go out for the day. It was a surprise that Polly and I had never thought of escaping. It was like a heaven for devils.

The doorbell rang and Belle let the two girls in before locking the place up. They brought in a pill cup with 2 pills with ‘Vigra’ etch on them. I popped one in and proceeded to fuck their brains out. Polly made them lick her while I was fucking them behind. A faint scent was making everyone in the room super horny. We went for close to six rounds for EACH of the 16 year old and the Viagra had not died down yet.

Giving handjob is the last thing they learnt. Unable to exit the house, they slept on the bed while I worked with Polly to subdue the Viagra effects. It was her turn to lie still while I fucked her. I counted her orgasms and after about 4 times, she fainted and I had to keep going despite her limp body.

At exactly 8pm, I blacked out from exhaustion and collapsed. Polly cleaned the couple up and sent them home while she cleaned me up. Lying right next to me, we slept for the rest of the day.

Belle and her brother would be going overseas and they stocked enough food for the both of us. I guess I am never leaving this place. Polly and I fucked non-stop with the Viagra at my disposal and we probably only stopped to eat and sleep. We had fun even when doing our business in toilet.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Good Erotica

Apparently, a girl by the name/ alias January had been reading this blog frequently and emailed me saying how good it was getting her turned on. She wanted to meet me badly. Her msn display picture was a super fantasy girl, from the looks of it, barely legal.

We met at Bishan’s Coffee Bean and chatted for a long time, mostly her probing about my sex life, and inspirations. She’s petite, probably 150cm in height or so, but she dressed really well for her size. Her character tells me that she’s a hyper, and enthuiastic lady, aged 18.

We talked about sensitive topics and knew that she was single and a virgin too, and my entries sort of aroused her interest in sex. I could tell she wanted to explore it with me from her body language. Purposely leaning as forward as possible to keep me watching her cleavage. I could no longer stand the temptation of the cute little sexy package right in front of me. We took our leave and went right to my house for sex, purely sex.

It was kind of intuitive, once alone with me in the bedroom, she stripped and so did I. We kissed and to be honest, deflowering herself in cowgirl position wasn’t really ideal. It was her idea, she wanted to give me her virginity than I take it from her. The first round was without condom as she wanted to feel meat instead of rubber. Of course, I wouldn’t dare shoot in her no matter what.

As it was her first time, her body couldn’t take the non-stop pumping on her fresh pussy and changing of positions. Many times she fell into convulsions and black out, but she made it clear in the elevator up to my place. I have to keep going until she faints from pleasure, and wake up with pleasure as well. I thought she meant once but she wanted me to not stop, so I did listened to her.

There was blood on our thighs, as though a war just ended. She was riding on my tired and limp body. If I remembered correctly, I cummed six times. And knew there was drained of any sperm.

We fell into a long sleep and her constant phone ring woke us up, only to realise we’ve had close to 4 hours of sex, including an approximate hour of sleep. Quickly dressing up, we left after I packed the bedsheets for cleaning, which I should receive a call from my mum about the blood anytime now.

She would be watching for this post about our fun, and here it is. Enjoy!

Tied and Fucked

Her clothes off, legs were spread open with ropes tied at her knees to both sides of the bed. I could adjust how wide her legs were opened just by tightening and loosening the knob under the bed. Her ankles were tied together, usually lifted about 90 degrees from her thighs. A pulley from the ceiling is holding her legs up. Both her hands are ropes to the top corners of the bed. Her head is the only part not restricted.

It was an accident, I would say crime of passion. I had no intentions of holding her hostage like that, I just couldn’t control myself anymore. She was tired from struggling and trying to scream. I opened her legs wider and positioned myself between her legs. I am sure to take her virginity, she just lied on the bed, looking at me and sobbing. I didn’t care at all, my mind was already unstable.

I carefully placed my dick head at her pussy, somewhere I think is the entrance and started moving my hips. In and out my dick started forcing, and she was just screaming as I stretched her hymen bit by bit. With no intention to make this pleasant, I had applied lubricant on her pussy earlier. With a strong shove, I could feel the insides of her pussy getting so tight from the pain. She wasn’t screaming anymore, wasn’t struggling anymore. She knew I took her virginity and I am not stopping.

I moved my dick in and out of her, getting faster as I felt better. Her body was limp, but the sight of her pleading and sobbing kept me going, the veins were showing from the struggle on her arms. I kept going as her tight pussy squeezed harder. Though she was getting raped, her pussy got quite wet and she was having orgasms, just not showing on her face.

I wasn’t going to waste anytime changing positions. As I felt my load coming, I forced myself to pause and asked her, ‘I shoot in you okay?’

Her eyes immediately widened and pleaded like any girl would reply, ‘Nono.. please please. 我以经给你我的第一次了。求求你。不要射在里面。’ (I’ve given you my virginity, please don’t shoot inside.)

I took a moment, calmed myself down and decided to waste a condom on her. Placing the rubber over my dick, I entered her again. And kept pumping her till I released my load. She was relieved that I didn’t shoot in her. But still tired from the struggle. I loosened all ropes (but did not untie any) and she fell into sleep. Using the chance to snap a few pictures of her, I knew I was in trouble.

I untied and clothed her. And she stormed out of the place after waking up. Nothing was in my mind now. Just.. satisfaction with a little guilt.

Slowing It Down

I thought I would type something different for once, sharing my first sexperience.

It was my first time, and was doing with a friend I felt very comfortable with, who was also giving her first time. It wasn’t hard slipping on the condom, it was more about finding the entry point.

I could finger her at the right spot, I could lick her at the right spot. But I didn’t want to put it into the wrong hole. As I lubricated the condom on my dick with my saliva, thoughts were running through my head to get everything right.

Position my dick at the opening at the end of her pussy, close to her ass, I placed my dick head on a spot, and asked if that is the right place. Pushing it slowly into her pussy, I had no idea where I am going.

I was focused on the sight of my dick entering her. As her pussy skin get slightly tugged with the rubber, I felt as though I was pushing my little brother into a hole. Opening a door, with an oversized key. I pushed it as deep as I could, wanting to feel the difference with my Tenga. There wasn’t any blood to mess anything up, I trusted her statement that her hymen was torn by a (damn) bicycle.

Back to topic, it was warm, tight and slippery. The action of moving my shaft in and out of her made it quite unbearable for my first time. It felt good, it wasn’t just the pussy that made me feel good. It’s the moaning, hastened breathing that I hear, ecstatic, pleasurable face that I see, perspiring, warm body that I felt, that turned me on.

The perfect difference between sex and DIY. I pumped my dick in almost no constant speed as I try not to unload so soon. Fast for a while, then slowed down to close to a stop, then fast again. The whole cycle went for close to 5 minutes, which felt more like 5 hours.

She was in pleasure. Asking if she felt good, I was replied with a nod everytime. We changed to the doggy-style and the feeling was different. The movements were the same, but not the feel.

It was hitting a different part of her, and it gave me the right stimulation on the head of my dick. I could cum many times just being in doggy. Not wanting to risk anything (the thought of cumming in any girl even with a condom scared me a little), I took it out of her and she collapsed to the side of the bed.

In the end, it was her award-winning blowjob that helped me release. I enjoyed myself, so did she. It was the safe feeling that both of us felt. We knew exactly where my cum went and could visually confirm (she could tastefully confirm).

One Hour

Day: Monday
Date: 16 November 2009
Time: 4pm
Location: My House

Knowing we had only an hour before my parents return, we wasted no time in stripping to our bathing suits, getting on my bed and kissing all over each other. As it got more intense, my hips instinctively positioned in front of her pussy and slid in without much friction. There was no resistance from her as she was all horny from the teasing with my fingers on her pussy.

It seems like she was already wet on the way to my place.

Keeping our lips sealed, I spread her legs wide and moved my dick in, going deeper with every thrusts. She clenched onto my upper arms tightly as I forced through her hymen. There was no turning back, no second chance. Right away, I knew I was inside once she started crying and sobbing. Her expressions tells me she wanted to stop, but not her body, which soon was overtaken by the pleasure.

Placing my face beside hers, she sobbed while I continued my rhythmic and smooth thrusts. Slowly feeling better, her moans got louder and her body responded to every move as she immerse herself in making love rather than sex.

The tightness did not get any lesser, it was like a sign she wants more, knowing the tighter she gets, the longer I want to hold it in. As she clawed my back for the fifth time, I could feel the bedsheets was all covered in her blood and juice. Slowly pulling my dick out of her red, sore pussy, it was the blood and mix of her cum juice that caught my eyes.

I wasn’t afraid of it, to me, it felt like a representation of a new beginning. I could feel more love than ever from her.

We proceeded to the toilet and she sat on the bowl, with the seat cover up. She spread her legs wide enough for me to go again and I did so. As she got used to a long warm rod in her, she knew it felt good to be tight and mine to be big.

With the final thrust into her tightening pussy, I pulled my dick out and spurted all my load into the toilet, from under her love hole, with blood still dripping from her raw pussy. The clean up took some time as most of our lower body were covered in thin blood and sweat. After we got dressed, she just sat on the sofa, rubbing her pussy to ease the soreness.

I went to change the bedsheet and we took the longer ride home by bus. She had a small, soothing but contented smile on her face while she dozed off on my shoulder.

GirlPOV> First Time

Day: Sunday
Date: 4 October 2009
Time: 12pm
Location: His house

We are together some time now, being two years older, he is someone who can respect my decision about ‘sex after marriage’ and of course, despite having ‘no-sex’ restrictions, we had our fair share of kinky experiences.

We went to his house after some shopping at Junction 8. Once I entered his house, I could feel my pussy warming up and my heartbeat going faster. It was always playtime whenever I’m at his house.

After taking off my slippers, I went straight into his room and laid on the bed. He came on top of me and kissed me. Everytime I went out with him, I would dress myself appropriately for others, and sexily for him. And what do I mean?

I wore a tube bra, and a Puma jacket over it. He was the only one who knew what I wore inside. I never unzipped low enough for others to realise I was only wearing a bra.

For my bottom, I wore a short denim skirt with black cotton panties, I always felt comfortable wearing it and knew he loved to feel it too. Soft and comfy.

With him on top of me, I spread my arms out and allowed him to unzip my sweater and pull my bra down. He then lie on my stomach area to give my nipple at good licking. It was heavenly, the stimulation goes straight into my head. The tingling feeling went on even after he stopped.

His naughty hands ran up my skirt and took my panties off. He looked a little surprised at my newly shaved pussy. I seldom shave it as I somehow think that it’s there for a purpose and when I do shave I didn’t shave it really clean as I was afraid of cutting myself. He didn’t mind and went on to play my clit with his tongue, I could feel his wet, soft, slimy tongue attacking my clit and trying to enter my love hole.

He knew where my soft spots were and used them against me. That’s why I always helped him out.

I had my jacket open and bra down the whole time, and without my panties too. I liked the feeling of no panties and bra but with my clothes on. It’s stimulating for the horny side of me.

Once he started licking my pussy, I couldn’t stop him. It felt like I was going crazy in ecstasy but my body wants it. I held him by the side of his head as he gave me the final flick to my wildest orgasm. He stopped and admired the juice flowing like a stream onto his bedsheets. It took me close to 1 minute to stop, relax, cool down, whatever, it just felt too overwhelming.

I asked him to sit at the ledge of the bed to give him a surprise, blowjob – for the first time. Before this, the furthest I would go to getting him off is giving him a handjob, but was feeling really adventurous today.

He removed his pants and underwear, sat on the ledge of his bed and I sat in front of his dick, on the floor. I held his butt and moved him closer to the ledge so I could put my whole head between his legs.

I took his dick in my hand, gave it a small lick for taste test and it tasted a little salty. I didn’t mind and put it into my mouth. I played with it with my tongue for some time, not knowing what to do next. Sensing that I was lost doing the same thing for quite some moment, he held me behind my head and pushed my head forward and backwards, taking more of his dick in and out..

Suddenly, it got into me that the same ‘in out’ action is linked with the hands’ ‘up down’ action. I closed my lips around his dick and made sure my teeth didn’t touch his meat. My mouth took it in and out slowly, trying to pace my breathing with the sucking.

My left hand was holding the lower area of his shaft and unconsciously, my right hand went to my pussy. I spread my legs opened and started masturbating. Now I know doing it make things a little easier.

After a while, he stopped me and said he is going to cum if I continued. I went back to the bed and lie down. So he asked if I wanted to help him out. ‘Yupp, I want to’ and I asked one question that made him really excited and horny. ‘Do you have a condom?’, immediately he ran to this bag and took one out.

I offered to put it on for him with his assistance. After getting it ready, I laid back and opened my legs wide. He climbed on top of me in a push up position, knees on the bed and slowly inserted his dick. I think he read a lot just for this moment.

Every time he went in, it would go about 1cm deeper, it went well till 3-4cm in. It reached one point where no matter how many times he slide in and out, I will feel pain. I pulled him closer, hugged him and whispered, ‘Try again. It’s a little painful, but I can 忍.’ He pushed it in and I felt a slight pain, I was tearing and accidentally clawed his back. He didn’t mind and even asked if I felt okay to go on.I wiped my tears away and nodded my head.

He started moving in and out of my pussy, covered with a little blood, and the varying speed made me cum twice. Soon, the pleasure numbed the pain and I was enjoying it will a little ache. For a first time, my pussy was really tight and he was moaning along with me too.

Not long after he came in the condom and wanted to go to the toilet to clean me up. I held him by his hand when he was getting out of bed and asked, if he wanted to try doggy and he said, ‘Next time can? I want you to get better first.’

I nodded my head gladly in agreement. He led me to the toilet and washed me up, unknowingly giving me another orgasm while rubbing my pussy and jets of water hitting my clit.

We got dressed and I fell into a deep sleep only to be awakened by his tongue action on my pussy. He got me hot and helped me came once before cleaning me up and sending me home.

He was happy, I was happy. I was only 16 and he was 18 then. FML.