Treat for A Virgin

This entry is written for Joseph, a virgin blogger as of 24th Nov ’14. Tribute or appreciation, whichever you may call it, I think the idea of a virgin attempting to write sex is commendable, if not admirable.

Joseph heard his doorbell rang and before he reached the door, a white envelope appeared under it. He picked it up and opened the door to see who was it from, except there was no one out there.

In his t-shirt and an old pair of shorts, he took the piece of paper out and tried to make sense of the neatly written code-like text, ’08-1400′.

Since there was no one at home, he brought his keys and phone along, to the eighth floor, at the unit indicated. A girl in her 20s greeted him in a thigh-length white tank top, black bra cups peeking around the low-cut collar.

Girl: ‘Joseph?’
Jo: ‘Yeah, this is yours?’

She took a step back signalling for him to enter and he did. ‘Have a seat’ later, she went into the kitchen with a glass of water, a tablet effervescing into orange fizz.

Girl: ‘I’m Ella. A reader of your blog.’
Jo: ‘Wait. How did you get my address?’
Ella: ‘Haha. I’ll tell you later. Come into my room? There’s aircon there.’

He knew what could happen in her bedroom, but there was nothing but gentle he saw in that girl. Her pony-tailed, black hair, slim shoulders, a body he had yet seen, and legs, long legs with protruding ankles that got the better of his attention.

As he entered, she was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, exposing a little of the light blue underwear she had on.

Ella: ‘I want to show you something, lie down and close your eyes.’

Joseph had more suspicion than ever, he did not know what he did to receive this kind of ‘reward’, or was it just a prank? The window next to the bed faced a park, so there was no worry that someone could be filming him.

Ella sat quietly while looking at him, waiting for him to close his eyes.

Ella: ‘Don’t worry I’m not going to tie you up or anything. Just relax k?’

Joseph closed his eyes and heard some shuffling of clothes, followed by a cold hand reaching into his shorts’ waistband to pull it down. He did not understand what was happening but she did not appear to be worried or plotting anything.

His underwear was removed together with his pants and two fingers came onto his dick, seemingly to have forgotten to react with the impromptu ‘change of luck’. She held his dick delicately and peeled the foreskin back, massaging it in small rolling motion.

His other hand was brought to her thigh, and upon moving further north, he felt the absence of an underwear. His fingers knew where to go and were attracted like a magnet to her pussy, where baby-smooth skin guided his hand to her clit.

As he rubbed her down, she was moaning louder. His dick responded appropriately and grew large enough for all her fingers to go around.

However, unlike what he always read, it felt more like ‘service’ than anything intimate. That thought disrupted his erection and shrunk a little, which Ella totally noticed. She changed her position to lie next to him, giving him a chance to take a whiff of her body scent. Almost immediately, his rod awakened and the few pecks on his neck brought it to maximum Rockwell hardness.

Ella (whispering): ‘What’s the first thing you want to me in this situation?’
Jo: ‘Do you wear FBTs?’
Ella: ‘Hehe. Wait.’

She disappeared for a moment and Joseph stole a peek. A pink pair of FBT shorts pulled up her glorious legs and a wriggle of her butt set it in place. Ella returned to his side and he felt the soft material brush against his hips, hands sliding over her smooth thigh and feeling under the shorts.

There was no netting on it and his fingers got wet the moment he reached her pussy.

Joseph: ‘Can you go on top?’
Ella (whispering): ‘Yeah?’

She rolled over his stomach and sat on him, where he handed her the tank top she wore earlier. Getting his message immediately, she slipped it on and her shorts were barely visible. Not wanting to tease the virgin boy anymore, she pushed against his chest with one hand and raised her butt.

She used his dick to nudge her shorts out of the way, parking it snuggly at her pussy. Both hands now resting her body weight on him, he did not mind the pressure. His dick slowly warmed up as her pussy went over, juices lining the shaft for her descend.

As soon as it was in, Joseph kept his hands on her hips, holding her down to feel the warm, pulsating sensation that’s ‘squeezing’ his rod. She looked calm, with a hint of smile at the pleased boy.

Ella: ‘Ready?’
Jo: ‘Yeah. But go slow k? It’s my first time.’

She sat upright over his groin and rocked her hips gently, making a scooping motion whenever his dick flipped upright when she moved back. And when she slid forward, his dick would press onto a sensitive spot, blowing both their minds with each stroke.

In no time, she was rocking wildly and moaning, with Jo biting his lips hard to endure the overwhelming pleasure that was numbing his mind. Juices smeared all over his groin and she got wetter as they went faster.

Jo: ‘Ella, let’s try doggy.’
Ella: ‘Don’t want.. I can’t see you like that. You go on top this time?’
Jo: ‘We can try that.’

She laid on his body as he did a roll and never disconnected during the transition. Once they were in missionary, he raised her legs up and a ‘that’s-so-embarrassing’ look stopped him.

Ella: ‘I’ll put my legs around you k? Girls will get cramps if you do that.’

She mentioned it so casually that the bit of guilt went away quickly. He was glad that this happened to him, no matter what the agenda was. Jo then placed his hands over her shoulders, and started pumping his dick into her. She was a little tighter this time, fitting his dick perfectly into that ever-drooling pussy.

Also, the sensitivity of his dick dropped without the teasing on his dick head, allowing him to go fast. The moans from Ella became more sexy, as she was lying down to enjoy sex at its best. Joseph slowly lost control of his tempo as his body wanted more, plummeting faster and faster through her pussy.

The kneading of her own boobs turned Joseph on a lot and he was unknowingly shoving his dick balls-deep into Ella. The moaning girl, with the groaning boy, they were sweating all over when she came for the n-th number of time.

With her pussy tightening, Joseph was about to blow his load too, his virgin, sex-driven, load.

Jo: ‘Ella! I’m going to cum.’
Ella: ‘I was about to ask you! I getting sore down there.’
Jo: ‘But where do I?’

He slowed down as he saw her pondering look, where a grin broke through her deep thoughts shortly. Her legs clamped his hips onto her pussy and sank him deep inside again.

Ella: ‘I’m on the pill. Let’s make this unforgettable for you.’

Joseph leaned on his elbow over her shoulders, pushing her body down on his dick. His hips slammed mercilessly into the shocked girl and the fingernails running along his ribs just drove him crazier.

Her voice got louder as he thrust at his fastest, possibly at a speed that would blur any cameras.

*Urghh! Ahhh.. ahhh.. *

His hips buckled into deep, long strokes when the first load shot into her pussy, just in time to sync with the wave-making vaginal walls that forced more than what his ‘tracer’ round intended to unload. It was, after all, shooting in the dark right? The rest of his cum came as though they were sucked out, weakening his arms and body so much that he could not get off her right after it ended.

They rolled over to the side and he pulled out, treated to his first sensation of ‘vacuum’ clean-up. Her pussy emptied his balls during the ejection and he was more breathless than her after the whole deed.

The wet tissue that cleaned his dick sent a few more twitches through his body, and the nerves on his dick went numb right after that.

Ella (whispering): ‘Did you like it?’
Jo (panting): ‘Yeah. It felt good.’
Ella: ‘Oh! You want to see how much you gave me?’

He nodded innocently still lying on the pillow and she sat before him with her legs opened, shorts pushed to a side. His whitish liquid had lined her slit and when she pushed the two puffy, red ‘meatbuns’ together, more cum leaked out and Joseph finally had full understanding of the word, ‘creampie’.

Ella (whispering): ‘Give me your number. I’ll text you when I’m available k?’
Jo: ‘Yupp. You haven’t told me.. how did you know my address and what made you do this for me?’
Ella: ‘Haha. Silly. You must know huh? A writer told me about you, being a virgin sex blogger. As for your address, that writer friend of yours said something about a friend working in the telco, able to track your IP from your blog.’
Jo: ‘Really? Cause that’s like the coolest thing that happened since I started writing.’
Ella: ‘Yupp. Don’t worry k? I’ll text you. You can’t stay here any longer. My parents are coming home. Oh! And I’ve started reading your blog!’

They hugged for a little while more and he left, after she got his number. If not, he would know where to find her too right?

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