A Little Monster

Me: ‘Amy, you have not tried this before right?’
Amy: ‘What? I can’t even see anything.’

A strap fell over her thighs and she remained still while I tied her legs opened. Her hands were free but she wasn’t going to do anything with them, except maybe to hang on for her dear life for what’s about to come.

I disappeared from the bed for a moment and returned with my Dremel, outfitting a thin dildo to the rotary head. The lights came on and blinded her for a few seconds, but the expression that appeared on her face was more of a shock than surprise.

Amy: ‘What’s that?!’
Me: ‘A little DIY project? It will spin and thrust at the same time. I ordered this from some 3D printer company online.’
Amy: ‘It’s supposed to be a construction tool of some kind right? Oh my god.. ‘

Her legs wide opened, I teased her clit for a while and the dildo went in easily. Her grip tightened on the old wooden headboard as she felt me pushing the handheld motor a few times, trying hard to keep her face straight before the real action began.

Amy: ‘You’re not going to turn off the lights?’
Me: ‘I want to see you.’

As the Dremel cannot be operated with one hand, I ended the short foreplay and pushed the switch to ‘1’. The spinning of the ribbed vibrator was slow (in comparison to its max speed), and it got her moans started.

Though it was loud, there was no one else at home. It was just me, her and the harmless looking Dremel. The thrust-motion was actually a physical attachment at the connector head, two sets of ‘teeth’ enabled it to make those ever short jerks. Thankfully for the ball-bearings, if not my arm would be vibrated off before she could get a orgasm.

Once it was running, my thumb was all it needed to get it to speed ‘2’, and Amy began to go into a fit. Imagine her body lying still, but the toy piercing into her kept thrusting. Juices leaked like a broken tap all over the bed but the moans she made was worth it.

Her eyes rolled white and fists stayed clenched, at the mercy of the Dremel going into speed ‘5’. The well-endowed girl suddenly looked pitiful, and I wasn’t going to stop.

Amy (shouting): ‘J!!! I’m going weak!’

Those were the last words from her as she sank into limbo, body trembling peaceful as the machine whined away. I had kept the whole set up as deep as she could take, with an inch or so of grace.

After I noticed the tears coming out of her eyes, the Dremel was shut off immediately and placed out of the way.

Me: ‘Hey! Are you okay?’
Amy (answering weakly): ‘Yeah. I’m still climaxing.. ‘

Her body did not stop shaking till five minutes later, when her soft hand went around my dick. Throughout the slow jerking, there were moments of pause. She would tell me that she came even when I did not touch her down there anymore.

Packing up the bed and loosening the straps, she appeared too tired to be up for anything else. In my mind, I was pleased with her getting too much pleasure. That’s a perk from being with someone who DIYs a bit right?

We fell asleep together shortly after, and when her fingers went around my dick again, it was time to wake up. She had lowered herself to my waist level and the opening of her mouth dropped me back on the pillow.

Her warm jaws took me in and worked up and down the shaft, sending waves of pleasure across my body. Midway, another pause came and she was moaning as though an orgasm had occurred.

Amy: ‘Shit. I think I just came again. I can still feel the toy inside me.’

Too distraught, a handjob finished my share of fun in her mouth and she climbed back into bed.

Me (whispering): ‘Let’s get dressed. It’s getting late.’

The momentary freezes came randomly beyond our understanding, but it got her hugging my arm with it happened.

After she reached home, there was no more messages from her till the next day.

Amy (WhatsApp): ‘J, I didn’t sleep much last night. I can’t stop cumming with I think about the drill. And the orgasms kept happening even though I didn’t do anything.’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Let’s not use that again. I think it’s too powerful.’
Amy (WhatsApp): ‘Noooo.. I like it! Again tonight? I’m going to cum in the bus right now. Argh!’

The next call I received from her was from the toilet at her office. She masturbated and came while whispering my name, clearly enjoying the (un)wanted orgasms she got at random times of the day.

Did I awaken something inside her with that Dremel of mine?

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