Absent Panties

Michael (shouting): ‘LIFT YOUR DRESS UP!’

Shivering in fear, the skinny, malnourished girl raised her clenched fist holding the edge of her partially see-through white dress, and a bare ass revealed itself without a hint of a g-string on it.

Michael: ‘You went out without panties again. You know where to stand right?’

His hand reached behind the sofa and a rattan cane with a yellow J handle appeared. Melissa held the centre of her dress in front of her stomach and turned herself sideways, between Michael’s legs. He tested the flexibility of the cane by making a few strokes in the air, each wave swooshing louder than the previous.

He casually pried one of her ass cheeks open and saw the silver buttplug intact, mentally reducing her sentence.

Michael: ‘Ready!’


He waited for three seconds for the pink line to show itself on her butt, and a snot of her nose came softly. The second and third took as long but his eyes were on her legs. He had held one of her thighs with his huge palm to keep her from moving, partly to swing his cane on the same line. The pain travelling up her spine merely multiplied as he counted to six, and a wet trail seeped into his fingers.

Michael: ‘I will increase the strokes if you do it again.’

She nodded with fear and turned towards him, holding the waistband of his shorts while he stood up. In a moment, he was naked and his closed legs signified only one thing. She climbed onto the sofa with one knee and went over his lap, pussy dripping clear, white liquid over his dick while she did that.

His dick gave her the first inch and the rest of it came when he pushed her hips down, flattening the sore ass on his legs. The pain could only be relieved by the pleasure that was shooting through her pussy, through a grinding motion that got her moaning.

Michael was pleased with her enthusiasm, riding his long dick while she eased the pain. Nonetheless, every second on her butt reminded her of why she went pantyless in the first place.

Michael: ‘Let’s change to doggy.’

The teary-eyed girl went on her fours on the sofa, senses too messed up to pay any attention to the TV. He forced his rod into her pussy and came in full contact with the freshly inflicted brusies, ramming continuously to her mixed cries.

A part of her was in pleasure, and the other kept fighting to tell her that the pain was more serious than getting fucked right then. Powerless, the pain mysteriously got ‘pulled’ into her pussy, amplifying the orgasms that came shortly after they got into doggie.

Each climax rendered her weaker as her chest touched the couch, ass bouncing his dick that was stabbing her non-stop. Tears started flowing more uncontrollably as he increased his speed, groaning in ecstasy at the expense of the abused little girl.

Michael (whispering): ‘Feeding time.’

She obediently crawled away and waited for him to return to his seat, before bending her back over his lap. Mouth positioned in front of his dick, he pulled her head towards his dick and bounced her like a basketball.

Keeping her lips tightly pressed together, it was the second ‘meal’ of her day. Barely filling, but that was all she was allowed to have at home. The low pitch of his groans came increasingly faster, and her throat was beginning to get less choking from the speed boost.

The moment her face got buried in his groin, she knew it was coming. His dick swelled up like a meat pipe and the huge load of cum overflowed the tip, collecting behind her sealed lips. With some of it stuck midway in her throat, the relieve came when he tapped her head, allowing her to finally take it out.

Two prominent loud gulps cleared her mouth and she went back to clean his manhood up with her mouth. Going back into her room, a nightgown replaced her white dress and the buttplug was washed and returned to its spot. Lying on the bed, thoughts of her outfit the next day kept her awake, for her wardrobe only had short, revealing dresses and skirts never meant to wear in any educational institute.

Melissa (WhatsApp): ‘Katlin, can you bring your jacket for me tomorrow?’
Kaylin (WhatsApp): ‘Katlin’s getting fucked right now, but I’ll pass your message along.’

Her classmate, is also a slave, but under a different master. A slave who is in chains and locks all the time, who luckily owns many jackets and clothes that hid her fetishes well. On a daily basis, Melissa would pass her panties to her and a jacket would be loaned to her in exchange. One of them loved to get caned, and the other, to be dangerously exposing her restraints without a pullover.

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