A Great Fall

My bag swung onto my chest as I ran over, to the long-legged girl who slipped on the wet floor during this rainy season. She tried to get up but the impact had numbed her waist down, leaving me to carry her under the arms to a nearby chair.

I went back to the books scattered across the floor and picked them up, turning some of them to the drier sides as I stacked them up.

Girl: ‘Thanks. I’ll just rest here for a while.’

She sat there quietly while I stood around, laying her books out to dry on the table.

Girl: ‘I can’t feel my legs. Shit.. ‘
Me: ‘Where do you stay?’
Girl: ‘This block.’
Me: ‘I’ll help you to up. Then you call your mum or something?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. Thank you.’

Beyond her pitiful state, I couldn’t pay any attention to her figure or clothing. Her ankle swelled and the paralytic state worried me more than anything. We got everything and I handed it to her, making her hug her books before I princess-carried the surprised young lady.

Girl: ‘I’m heavy! I can hop on my own.’
Me: ‘Please press the lift number.’
Girl: ‘Okay.. ‘

The lift door beeped shut and I rested my hands on the railing, lessening the load before I had another lap to clear. She was just lying there looking at her toes, trying to move them and tears started building up in her eyelids.

Me: ‘Okay. Hang on.’

I brisk-walked to her door and knelt on one knee, while she fished out her keys and reached up to unlock the knobs. With no one else in her house, I brought her straight to her bedroom with direction and let her rest, after her shoes and bag were removed.

Me: ‘Where’s your house phone?’
Girl: ‘We don’t have one.’
Me: ‘Your handphone?’
Girl: ‘I don’t have one. Umm.. can you stay for a while?’
Me: ‘I’ll lend you mine. Call your parents. I’ll get a towel for you.’

I unlocked my phone and left it on her body, making my way into the bathroom after she shouted the location for me. After going back to her room, she was topless and my phone was by her side.

Me: ‘Called them already?’
Girl: ‘I don’t have their numbers. They are my aunty and uncle.’

I folded her shirt neatly into a pile and placed them by the stool near her bed, and she proceeded to flip sideways in an attempt to get her shorts off. I saw the wet patch on her bum and said nothing, tugging her shorts off while she pulled a blanket over herself.

Me: ‘You’re not worried that I’ll do something to you?’
Girl: ‘Do what to me?’
Me: ‘Nevermind.’
Girl: ‘Can help me take a pair of panties from there?’

I walked over to the cupboard and opened the first one, where pastel coloured underwear lined up in a row. When I returned to her, she had the wet one at her kness, unable to go any lower than that. I had no idea how naive she was but I wasn’t all that gentleman to begin with. I am a – guy.

Her cleanly shaved pussy appeared as I slipped the new piece of underwear on her, and she wriggled herself for me. Now that we had changed out her wet clothes, there leaves nothing no reason for me to stay in her room anymore.

Me: ‘I get something for you to wear?’
Girl: ‘I want to stay like this for a while. I’m still cold.’

She pulled the thick blanket tighter around herself in a cute manner and something just told me to stay by her side.

Girl (whispering): ‘Lie down with me?’
Me (whispering): ‘What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Shirley.’
Me: ‘And you know my name?’
Shirley: ‘Ken.’
Me: ‘Huh?’
Shirley: ‘I like that name. Barbie’s boyfriend.’

She unwrapped the blanket and included me inside, lifting her leg over mine to embrace me like a bolster. Her pussy was rubbing against me even though the rest of her was lying still. The random squeezing of her hands on my arm made it felt even more naughty, like something was making her twitch.

Me (whispering): ‘Are you alright?’
Shirley (whispering): ‘Yeah. It feels good Ken.’

Her hand started moving down my belly and over my shorts, suddenly coming into contact with my bulge.

Shirley (whispering): ‘Why is it hard?’
Me (whispering): ‘I guess guys work differently from you girls.’
Shirley (whispering): ‘Does this feel good too?’

She began stroking me, brushing over my shorts with her hand. My breaths emerged as sighs and she moaned with me, letting me slide my hand between her crotch and my thigh. Before I knew it, she was grinding herself on my fingers, that were poking into the ‘Y’ shaped cave. The incoming moisture was unmistakable, and her stroking became faster.

Shirley: ‘Put your hand inside.’
Me: ‘You too.’

I slipped her panties to the side and she entered my shorts, carefully exploring my dick as the warmth of it soothed her accident earlier. She entered a sleeping state as pleasure built up in her, slowing her hand movements down to a standstill.

Shirley (breathing heavily): ‘Something is coming. I can feel it.’

Her body started shaking and I rubbed her clit even faster, throwing her into a convulsion when she finally broke and moaned her heart out. Juices had coated evenly over my fingers and she gradually tightened her grip on my dick as her orgasm died down.

Shirley: ‘Let me try it on you too.’
Me: ‘Don’t! Something will come out.’
Shirley: ‘Sperm?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’
Shirley: ‘I want to see!’

With that, she flipped the cover open and massaged me faster. I was groaning uncontrollably and she just kept going as quick as she could. Giving herself no breaks, I was at her mercy and after a few minutes..

Me: ‘I’m shooting!’

A pause finally came and she angled her head over my stomach, facing a monster that was about to breath fire. A few more pumps of her fist squeezed the first round onto her lips, and a quick manoeuvre slid her ear over my groin. Her lips sealed around my cock and the rest of the load poured into her mouth, continuing to squirt with her hand jerking the final bits out.

I sat up as soon as I was done and reached for the box of tissue under her bed. I had saw it when I pulled the stool out, definitely coming to good use in times of emergency. Holding one piece in front of her mouth, there was no way I’d expect her to do anything else with that.

Me: ‘Spit it out.’
Shirley: ‘Ahhh..

She opened her arms and I fell into them, hugging her braless top which was another surprise to make this rescue a little better. After the tiring pleasure-trade, she straightened her legs and fell asleep. Needless to say, my job was done and she was too groggy to respond to my shaking.

Shirley (WhatsApp): ‘Hey Ken.. Will you be at my void deck tonight? Aunt and Uncle won’t be back.’

Me (WhatsApp): ‘You told me you didn’t have a phone.’

Shirley (WhatsApp): ‘Who doesn’t? Answer me first!’

For that moment I left my phone with her to get her underwear, she had keyed her phone number and name in. We confirmed our next date at 9pm that night and we once again found ourselves in her bed, this time totally amped up but taking one small step after the mutual ‘handjob’.

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