Flipped Around

Lily (shouting): ‘Come in now.’

To think that an older guy like me, has to be commanded was kind of shameful, but there wasn’t anyone to judge in the house. Still in my suit and blazer, I entered the minimalist-designed bedroom of my mistress and stood before her.

She was an eighteen year old girl who was still in poly, and the way she dressed didn’t even look anything like her age. Wearing a pair of tiny skirt and tank top, her figure was barely fitting into the outfit that looked like it came out from the children’s section.

Lily: ‘What? You don’t know what to do?’

I began stripping myself and then helped her to get naked, throwing a thin satin scarf around her neck as soon as she was in the nude. I went closer to the bed and took a moment, while she adjusted her iPhone on the ledge of the night stand next to her bed.

Holding her head with both hands, I led her to my dick, that was totally uninterested. It was after all a blackmail that got me into this mess, and she continued ‘adding’ content to the stash of compromising evidence by recording our trysts portraying her as the ‘victim’.

Between my hands, her face was mostly obstructed and her mouth took my flaccid dick in, suckling on it like a baby bottle. In less than a minute, I was growing harder with a view from the top, watching a little girl suck on my dick as though I was in control. Gradually, her strokes got longer and most of my shaft was penetrating into her lips.

Her tongue, kept sliding around my dick head to get me to groan and I did. She had been using me to practice whatever skills she needed. Imagine getting paid to be pleasured and still have control, that was Lily for you.

Lily: ‘Mister, please take control.’

Finally, it was that ‘time’ again, where I had to pretend I was the one fucking her at her expense. Even though I knew I was being commanded, there were certain things I could do freely. Like..

Pushing her down onto the bed, I fiercely raised her legs into the air. In that position, her pussy was in full view, just inches away from my dick. Having lubricated by her saliva, there was no need to wait for her to get wet. I leaned closer to her and split her pussy with my fingers, before poking the tip in.

A loud scream from her did not last after I covered her mouth, and the rest of my dick went into her unprepared pussy. Rough and full of friction, I endured the glowing heat and rammed into her, exacting my revenge at my own loss.

She began struggling from pain not long later, but could not overpower me at all. I pinned her head to the side and continued fucking her, slamming our hips together in loud echoes.

Lily (shouting): ‘It’s fucking hot down there! Take it out!’
Me: ‘It will go away soon. Just bear with it.’

I slowed down to let her pussy start wetting itself and went on with the deep pumps once I felt there were enough. Her arms grabbed whatever sheets she could on the bed as her vagina took the full wrath with no mercy.

Frankly speaking, I was just acting my role and did not care about her, especially not after the emotional and mental torture she put me through for the last few weeks.

As soon as her body went weak from my ferocious fucking, I placed her feet together and flipped her over, dragging her waist backwards to raise her ass for me. In that doggie position, I dipped my rod in for the second time and hammered her innards to a mess. Her body kept twitching and the struggles she put up with was useless in my vengeance-mode.

I was angry.

Lily (moaning): ‘I’ll let you go.. please stop.. I’m getting destroyed.’
Me: ‘No you’re not. You’re enjoying it!’

She continued moaning as I went deeper, going faster as I felt her pussy tightened. Juices were flowing non-stop and orgasms were felt directly on my dick. I could totally tell she was cumming non-stop with the ‘oh yes’ phrases whenever she climaxed.

Pumping my thick rod into a tiny hole was no joke. Despite the determination to make this agonising moment last, my own timer was about to go off. What else could I do? Except to make use of the final burst of energy to drive her insane?

Me (groaning): ‘Lily, I’m cumming.. ‘

The few seconds wait did not get me the command I needed and my mind was barely keeping up with the powerful strokes my body was making. At last, a plan came to mind and I took a pause, one that she sighed with much gratitude.

I leaned over her back and lined my chin against her shoulders, ready to surprise her with my action plan.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m going to cum inside you.’
Lily (shouting): ‘You can’t do that fucker! I’ll report you!’
Me: ‘Go ahead.’

I wrapped my arms around her body and thrust my hips, making short, quick strokes in the deepest ends of her pussy. The contracting vaginal walls simply refuted her threats, as if they wanted things to go my way.


My body jerked forward as the first shot filled her up, without any means to break free from my adrenaline-filled body. Her pussy kept milking me as I exploded, forcing my huge load into her unwilling body. After she felt me calming down, she no longer had any fight in her. Things were done, and she was helpless.

The used rod slipped out of her and I got off the bed, cleaning up with her panties while I checked the video on her phone. Well, I must say, the whole clip was worth jerking a few times to.

Tucking her phone into my pocket, I threw her blanket around her and left the room with my suitcase. Right as I stepped out of her house, her feeble voice was heard at her bedroom door.

Lily (weakly): ‘What are you going to do with my phone?’
Me: ‘I’ll help you upload it to the net. That’s what you wanted right? I’ll help you censor your face.’
Lily: ‘No.. please don’t.. you’ll kill me.’
Me: ‘You know where I work. Come find me tomorrow. We’ll edit it together. I’ve had enough of you.’

Before she could stumble to the doorstep, I was out and in the lift. For one, I was never going to ruin her by uploading it. This whole fucked-up shit just needed to end. I guess no one synced their iPhones to their computers anymore, let alone have a copy of everything unglamorous as a back up.

Nonetheless, I wonder how far would she go to prevent those clips from being spread around.

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