Two Against One

I could hear the chatter before I saw them, the first girl was in a short skirt and tank top while the second was in t-shirt and shorts. As young as they were, my mind couldn’t stop fantasising about how they would look like when they got older. The girl who walked in my direction had a long, sharp face with pretty fringes combed behind her ears, while the second one had a side parting to her long waist length hair, face a little round towards the cute side.

They sat right behind me and continued chatting, but their conversations were softer.

Girl (whispering): ‘Hey.. ‘

As much as I didn’t want to pause my space shooter game, Gemini, on my iPad, their hush-hush ‘hey’ got the better of me.

Me: ‘Yeah?’
Girl: ‘What’s that game you’re playing? Your life is so low.’

True enough, they just saw me getting bombed by a dying boss and I was feeling a little helpless. I knew where the game was going.

Me: ‘This boss is hard to beat. Then you two distracted me.’
Girl: ‘Eh. Don’t play la. Talk to us.’

The girl sitting near the aisle (in shorts) came to the empty seat next to me and she snatched my phone which was lying between the iPad and my belly.

Girl (whispering from behind): ‘Her name is Elly.’
Me: ‘Elly! Return it. Don’t play with people’s phone.’
Elly: ‘Wei! Why you tell him my name!’

She poked my ribs and I jolted back immediately, being extremely susceptible to tickles at that area. The two girls paused and asked me to keep my iPad, and I did! Before they realised they could take that away too.

Being the oldest person among us, it felt childish when I joined the girl behind me to take Elly down, ending the little fight with laughters and heavy breathing.

Elly (whispering): ‘She is Josephine. But I always call her bitch.’
Josephine: ‘Eh! This is our stop! Let’s go!’

From behind, Josephine took my phone from my hand and hurried down the deck, forcing me to follow them out of the bus. Sure, it was just one stop away from mine, but I was worn out and needed some rest.

Firing up my camera app, they took a few selfies before turning into a lift, where I had to run to catch up with them.

Me: ‘Where are you bringing me to?’
Elly: ‘We’ll return your phone la. Don’t worry can? Take your phone for what? Photos ah?’

They had such a cheerful spirit that infected me, to a point I didn’t mind them being so playful. I was after all, too old for them to consider as a ‘partner’. The age gap alone already kicked me out of ‘BFF’.

Bearing my heavy messenger bag, Josephine flicked the strap off my shoulders and caught it before it hit the ground. Without my bag, everything just seemed refreshing. When I noticed which floor we were at, the beautiful skyline of Bishan was drawing me towards the edge of the corridor.

With a girl on each side, looking at the same thing, my arms went around their waist to pull them in.

Elly: ‘Nice right?’

They turned around suddenly and my arms touched their breasts, pushing me backwards to the concrete wall behind. These two girls stayed close to my chest, pecking from my cheeks down to my neck. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming. Why would they pick a seemingly unfasionable guy like me? Don’t girls their age love guys in skinnies and high ankle shoes? At least someone with a dyed head of hair.

Both of them took my hands and pushed them under their top, kneading a firm, athletic one on my left and a soft, tender one on my right. Their padless bras had already made things easier.

Me (whispering): ‘Why me?’
Josephine: ‘It’s actually not you. It’s her. She wanted to try it with an older guy. And you don’t look scary.’
Elly: ‘You look normal! Which is good.’

Elly stood in front of me kissing, while Josephine worked on my belt, an easy click-release type I funded on Kickstarter. Before I got my head clear, they were torturing me with a handjob and ball-playing. I was groaning right into their ears..

Me (whispering): ‘Elly.. you have done it with guys your age?’
Elly (whispering): ‘No. They are so immature. And I think smaller too.’

She descended out of my sight and a mouth was felt on my dick, wetting the tip before running her lips down my shaft. In her small mouth, I must say it was the most wonderful feeling ever. I barely fitted into her.

Josephine stripped her panties from under her skirt and placed my hand beneath, greeting me with a moist, warm hole. My fingers needed no guidance and pierced right into her, causing a moan that made Elly jealous.

Elly: ‘Bitch. Can you don’t make those sounds?’
Josephine (moaning): ‘He’s really good.’

I signalled Elly to get up on her feet with a tap on her hair, and she was bottomless (since she was in shorts) after a bit of wobbly striptease. Both my hands went to work on their tiny, shaved clit and the stereo moans turned into music.

Elly (moaning): ‘I’m so wet right now.. ‘
Josephine: ‘No. Don’t even think about that.’
Elly: ‘You don’t pretend you don’t want it la.’

The girls stopped everything and we headed down a flight of stairs with our belongings. Elly, the naked waist-down girl, sat on a step with her legs apart and Josephine stayed away to stack our clothes neatly.

Kneeling on the hard floor, the pain was ignorable compared to what was before me.

Elly (whispering): ‘Jo! Come help.’

A couple of question marks appeared above my head, unsure of what to make out of that. Her friend sat behind her with her legs opened as well and held my dick, searching for the entrance on Elly’s pussy with her pinky.

Tugging gently, a gasp was heard when the tip entered. Elly had grabbed onto Jo’s arms tight. Continuing forward, I listened to the contractions of her body to let myself in, and the moment our groin touched, she just bear-hugged me.

Josephine (whispering): ‘Go slow.’

Carefully, I thrust my hips and the hug loosened, with Jo’s hand rubbing on the clit at the same tempo. That tiny little slit of Elly’s, was too big for what I was feeling within. There was no extra length to move deeper. In short, she felt like a wet condom about to slip out of me.

Me (whispering): ‘You’re too small.’
Elly (whispering): ‘Just move.. ‘

I followed her instruction and dragged her vagina in and out, feeling the ends of her pussy as I moved. Within a few strokes, the tight hug returned around my neck and her body just vibrated strongly. I couldn’t cum because of how weird it felt. She was way too small for this.

Josephine helped her off me and pulled her shorts back up, leaving her to rest against the railings. After that was done, she pulled me up to the ‘window’ of the stairwell, and bent over.

Me (whispering): ‘You sure?’
Josephine: ‘When you’re about to shoot, take it out k?’
Me: ‘Okay.’

I slid easily into her wet pussy and it felt more decent. No doubt her body was as small as her friend, there was sufficient stimulation to get me pumping. My body went on auto-pilot and rammed as fast as I could, watching how my rugged jeans slammed onto her soft, bandage skirt.

The huge contrast in our physique and mood and size was driving me crazy. All I could feel was pleasure, and juices running down my thighs and some dripping loudly onto the floor. Her grip on the railing was constantly tight, and her moans did not come out loud behind those lips-bitting orgasms.

As I felt my urge coming, I was making the deepest strokes into her. Within four or five powerful thrusts, she collapsed in front of me, falling into a pile.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey hey! Are you alright?!’

Dragging her by her armpits, the two girls laid side-by-side, eyes closed and in a disgruntled look – meaning messy clothes. Quietly, I took my phone and took a few photos of them, making sure to catch their faces. It was priceless right? To be ‘picked up’ by a pair of sweet, really young things.

Elly (whispering): ‘Umm.. you came?’
Me: ‘No. But I’m okay. You girls need to rest now.’

She leaned over to Josephine and rubbed on her clit, shocking her awake. Looking lost, my flaccid dick brought all the memories back.

Josephine: ‘I’m too tired to continue. Help him shoot?’

Elly, whom had recovered her strength, kneeled on the step she sat on got into doggie. Now feeling better knowing that they were fine, I did not turn her down and went to work.

Penetrating her in one stroke, her vigour returned and I hammered her non-stop, recreating the same dripping sounds under our genitals. Her initially tight cunt had relaxed and I was feeling her overwhelming squeeze on my shaft now.

Me: ‘I’m cumming.. ‘

Without hesitation, I pulled out and Elly returned to sit next to Jo. They started making out and I brought my dick to join them. Sliding between their lips, their tongues finished the job.

Their lips formed a small clover and I blew onto their mouths, spraying cum that they were not prepared for. As soon as some landed on their shirts, Josephine grabbed Elly’s hair and forced her mouth over my dick.

The remainder of my cum shot into her mouth where she could not break free from, since her head was painfully shoved at my cock. As I slowed down, Elly pushed my away and panted deeply.

Elly: ‘Stupid bitch.. ‘
Josephine: ‘Spit it out la!’
Elly: ‘You think?’

Every drop when down her throat but their superglue-like bond did not seem to be affected. The girls minded their own business and got dressed, before sending me downstairs.

Josephine: ‘You two can continue uh! I’m going home.’

With that, she went back into the lift and disappeared, leaving me with Elly.

Awkward, was what we felt. At least not till I asked if she enjoyed herself.

Elly (whispering): ‘Yeah.. I kind of liked it when she forced me onto you. You? Enjoyed yourself?’

I stopped in my tracks and turned towards her, pulling her in for another kiss. That kiss turned into a tongue fight and we almost fucked right there, under a study corner but it didn’t happen.

Instead, she brought me all the way to her place, empty for some reason.

Elly: ‘My dad rented this place for me. My parents are separated.’

What else could I say? I embraced her for the longest time I could remember and we had the most intense raw sex – all over the house. After that night, she got into bondage and wore unspeakable attire under her school uniform. Giving me total control of her body as she wished for me to do.

That, was her final request before telling me to never listen to her other demands to stop or end this. So, we never ended, to this day.

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