Sexual Healing

Sitting at a random void deck after my trip to get some books at Bras Basah, I heard shouting nearby before a guy stomped away across the corridor. A girl appeared shortly after and took a seat a few tables away, head buried in her arms while sobbing.

I could not read what I just bought with the cries but continued to do so, knowing fairly well that it would embarrass her if I went up to her while she was crying.

I was focused on my books and had not noticed the few times she peeped at me. Till five minutes later, did she wipe her face dry and took a seat beside me.

Me: ‘Feeling better?’
Girl: ‘What are you reading?’
Me: ‘This.’

I handed her the book in my hands and it was telling the story of a girl who was lost and then later happy. She flipped through the pages that contained very little words and seemed to be looking better after.

Girl: ‘I’m Bernice.. ‘
Me: ‘I’m J.’

She returned to the first page after reaching the last and kept reading. For some unknown reasons, my hand had gone to her head of dark brown hair, and was brushing them like consoling a little kid.

Bernice: ‘Thanks.. for lending me this.’

She took my hand off her head and held it, clearly in deep thoughts about something else.

Me: ‘What do you do when you’re sad?’
Bernice: ‘I think of him?’
Me: ‘Aye.. wrong advice.’
Bernice: ‘No la. You’re just trying to help. I think of him and masturbate.’
Me: ‘Okay.. that’s worse.’
Bernice: ‘No. Don’t say that. Want to accompany me somewhere?’
Me: ‘Where?’
Bernice: ‘It’s nearby only.’

I packed the books into my grey backpack and followed her into the lift, stopping at the highest floor of the old building. A breathtaking view of the city did some good for my mood too and she was just smelling the air that blew into the face.

Bernice: ‘Nice right? I always come here. Sometimes with him. But he isn’t into this kind of things.’

She grabbed both my hands and turned around towards the skyline, wrapping them around her waist as I tried to maintain a distance from her back.

Bernice (whispering): ‘You’re so warm. If only you can help me.. ‘
Me: ‘Help you?’
Bernice: ‘Help me forget him.’

I moved my hands onto her waist and upwards, feeling the neoprene cups on her bra without any resistance from her. The powdered neck of hers supported my chin as I roamed over her breasts, squeezing them gently while she moaned a sigh for me.

She pushed my hands back to her hips and tucked her sleeveless blouse over me, hinting for me to do more. Returning my palms to her boobs, her arms went to my zip behind her and undid my belt and pants.

Those loose undies came into play as she stuck her hand into it, fondling my rod that was getting harder with her sensual moans. I moved into her skirt that was low enough to keep her belly exposed beneath her tight fitting shirt, feeling the warm dampness of her panties.

Bernice (whispering): ‘Go from below.’

I took my hands out and went under her skirt, pulling those thin straps of her thongs off her thighs. The moment she felt my finger on her clit, moans went off like a sexy alarm clock and she pumped my faster.

Bernice (whispering): ‘Oh my god. Your dick is so close to my pussy.. if only.. ‘

She yanked my dick out and placed it under her bum, almost entering her if her body was bent any lower. Her pussy had rubbed a little juice on my shaft and her hips were spreading them all over in a grinding motion.

Bernice then took a step back, knocking me backwards as she did so. She licked her own fingers and that hand disappeared in front of her, sensing it on my dick after a few seconds.

She tugged my dick at her pussy and she kept her hole opened with two fingers. My body was at her command and I poked into her unhesitantly, garnering an *argh* when it slipped into her.

A loud breath of relief came from her without moving a bit. The two of us simply savoured the short moment where I fitted nicely inside her warm hole. She was getting tighter by the seconds but the fight to keep me inside was loosening her grip on my rod at the same time.

Bernice (whispering): ‘Fuck me gently.. I want you inside.’

There, I began thrusting, sliding the thick rod in and out of her. That tiny ass jiggled fiercely as the pounding started, trying to back onto me for a deeper reach. My mind was at her mercy when it got too tight, with a lubricated vacuum that wanted and not-wanted me at the same time.

We took a five second pause after five minutes and she turned around to me, jumping into my arms and lowered herself over my dick. Up against the wall, I let my hips did the work and she held herself steady around my neck.

In this particular position, we felt her arms stiffened and a bite sank into my collar, before a graceful flow of juices poured over my balls and onto the floor. The loud dripping sound was inaudible behind her agonising moans, but the few streaks running down my legs was unmistakable.

Bernice (whispering): ‘Put me down.’

I dropped her off at the steps and she made me sit a few steps above her. Taking my slippery, wet cock into her mouth, she sucked on it with much revenge, never giving me a break to catch my breath. She didn’t take me down to her throat but the constant teasing of that ‘ring’ under my penis head kept me on the edge.

Just as I began to lose sensation of my dick, she brought her lips down my shaft and went on like this for a while. Surprisingly, it got me more sensitive than ever and the live-firing was activited.

Me: ‘Bernice! I’m shooting!’

She worked her mouth for a while more before a *pop* sound was heard, and her fingers went around my shaft. She got me sitting upright and jerked me off, which was too late to redirect my cum anywhere else. My load splattered on her smooth, round face and she used her tongue to spread them all over her lips.

The few sucks was negligible once she had squeezed every drop out like toothpaste. A satisfied look appeared across her face and she wiped my cum towards her mouth with a finger.

Bernice: ‘Hmmm~’
Me: ‘Feeling better?’
Bernice: ‘Way better.’

She stood up and climbed over me, holding my dick which for some reason, was still rock hard, before sitting over it.

Me: ‘Hey.. you might get pregnant.’
Bernice (whispering): ‘I’m on the pill silly.’

We rested for a while till she began grinding me again, solidifying the half-hearted, worn-out cock inside of her. No one walked in on us throughout the three rounds we went, fucking each others’ minds out for one and a half hours.

With each others’ underwear in our bags, she did not stop teasing me on the way to the hotel she paid for, so we could continue her ‘treatment’. Hard against my wishes, her mouth started sucking before I could get naked. Before shower, after shower, during our takeaway Mcdonalds’ dinner.. all the way till 3am.

That few minutes when guys ‘lose’ interest after ejaculation? She would be rubbing her pussy right next to you, if not using your fingers, to tell you she wanted more. When I went ‘you can see if you can get it up after so many rounds’, her mouth would work wonders and get you hard despite your body’s exhaustion.

Perhaps it was my mind that did not want it, not my body.

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