1 Rule to Live By

Men and women alike, no matter how young or old, sex is a part of our lives. Some might have lost it at a young age, and some have yet found the right person to give it to. Most of us have encountered pornography before, or very very tempting erotica that depicts losing virginity in the most sensual ways.

This article has only one part, and I strongly feel that this is good enough to be considered a rule whenever sex happens. Not only this rule will put all parties’ minds at ease, it will also increase frequency of sex, boost bedroom intensity, and gives everyone a sense of security.

1. Condoms

When you are doing it for the first time, you want to ‘feel’. The desire to be taken or take is so strong that you will want to do it raw. To some, the thin condom is ‘ahead’ of you if you put one on. You want to be the first inside her, and not a condom. Fuck you.

If you are facing a hard dick, there is likely pre-cum at the tip, or smeared all over that you can’t see with naked eyes. Why do we call it pre-cum if there is no cum in it? Well, sex fact 101, there IS semen in pre-cum.

Do you want your first time to be filled with regrets? Or your first time to be your last in the next 9 months? Even if pregnancy is avoided, the two weeks you need to live in fear will take all your energy to cope.

The wonderful invention of condoms has benefits unparalleled to the loss of ‘intimacy’, ‘feel’, ‘pleasure’, and all other reasons you can try to bring up. As a guy, I think guys are responsible whenever sex happens, and it is also our job to ensure we get what we want, and nothing more out of it.

Having passionate, raw sex sounds great. He pulled out in time and you watched him unload it onto a tissue. Heck, you even caught it all in your hand to make sure nothing gets anywhere else. But are you sure?

1.1 Before

Before a condom is put on, make sure there is no lube or too much liquid on the cock. The last thing you want happen would be for the condom you (willingly and wholeheartedly wanted it on) to slip out inside her. ‘Cleaning your rod’ is a good excuse to get a little more head before you cap on, and make sure it stays airtight once it’s done.

Remember what I said about pre-cum containing cum? If your girl’s hand is wet from all the lubes and saliva from the handjob, don’t let her touch the exterior of the condom. There is no point if you cover your rubber in cum while most of your semen is trapped under. Let her wash her hands, or wipe it as thoroughly as she can before you die die want her to wear it for you.

Else, be a man and suit yourself up.

1.2 During

As frequent as you can, look for the rubber band holding the condom at the base. A glimpse of it will do. Make sure it’s in place, make sure it’s at the base. Don’t ignore the slight gap if it slips, a little is all it takes to create new life.

Whenever the condom moves too much beyond adjustments, put a new one on. If you feel any bit suspicious or unsure (even 1%), stop and fix it. Check when you two change positions, use ‘checks’ to take a break so you can last longer.

1.3 After

After you have filled the reservoir with your cum, take it out of her and don’t just go for the second round in it. If you have ever played with water balloons, you will know how the cum can get pushed out under your shaft, and you can continue to make your promise to take care of her forever.

Pull it out, take it off, and tie a knot. Wear a new one if you are going to continue! If you have reached your limits, and want to play with your load, please make sure you have towels or wipes around you. Visually see where the cum you poured on her flow, or just lie in bed for a rest.

Her hands can touch your dick again, and you are free to massage her sore spot after you cleaned up.

Yes, science has provided a lot of information about the survival of semen outside the human body. Temperature, nutrient fluids, liveable conditions, safety period, all have numbers to them. But can science explain how nature will evolve or has evolved to keep life going?

According to condoms manufacturers, 99% chance is based on putting a condom on without any body contact and then sex and then removal without any contact again. Surely, 1% doesn’t mean you get her pregnant at the hundredth time you had sex. 1% also doesn’t refer to the thousands of sperms that aren’t killed that can break through the condoms.

But the 1% exists to tell us, to be responsible and careful about the wonderful acts of sex. Let’s not forget about the protection from STDs too. To have one when you don’t need one is better than not having one when you need one. After that phrase, it’s up to you to make full use of the ‘one’ to get more ‘ones’.

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