Underaged Swing

For that special day, Ronny stocked up an extra box of condom under his bed after his buddy’s girlfriend told him she was on his way. The two guys had a crazy idea to exchange their girlfriends for a day and the girls did not think much of it due to their innocence. To them, it was a request from their boyfriends, and it would mean that they were doing it out of love. In Ronny’s case, he was expecting Ling, a 16 year old Chinese, who had always been his ideal masturbation target. The group weren’t that old for a start, the youngest being Ronny’s girlfriend, 14, and the oldest would be Ronny himself, 18, who was waiting to be enlisted.

You guys might think that he wasn’t a good person, but as we all know, love has no boundaries. Anyway, back to his house, Ling arrived after an hour and he let her in, bringing her to his bedroom before he asked her about her sex life with his buddy. She did not hold anything back and told him how she liked to be fingered, describing the location of her g-spot to the confused guy. Her favourite sex position was doggie with those long powerful strokes of her boyfriend’s dick, and her sensitive body would never fail to cum at least three times.

So, Ronny had an idea of his benchmark, and immediately asked her to lie down. She knew what was about to happen, as her guy had told her that he would be meeting Ronny’s girl. There wasn’t a single doubt when she removed her short shorts, pulling her spaghetti top over her head. Ronny too, stripped his shorts away and his dick bounced freely to a surprised face on Ling. Gasping at his size, she felt a twitch in her pussy, one that represented fear and desire to try it.

He laid on the bed between her opened legs and took the box of condom out, handing it to her so she could open it while he started her engine.

Ling: ‘You want to wear it?’
Ronny: ‘You don’t wear it with your boyfriend?’
Ling: ‘Nope. It feels better without. And he buys the pill for me so I won’t get pregnant.’

Damn, he was ahead of him in this aspect. But Ronny did not worry about his girl demanding a condom, because her tight pussy would totally make up for it. Beginning with the fingering, he played with her pussy to get it wet, and once she was slightly soaked, he sank his rough fingers in and she groaned as her pussy stretched to accommodate his size. Panting heavily, he did not waste anymore time and thrust hard, feeling those warm juices coat his fingers. Just like she said, her body clenched his fingers tightly after just a minute and she came with an extra load of liquid that stuck around his hand.

Ling: ‘Ronny.. don’t finger me anymore.’
Ronny: ‘Sex?’
Ling: ‘Yeah.’

He climbed on top of her and let her guide his dick in, feeling her lips seal around his cock while he nudged his way into her body. For her age, her vagina was more developed and it had fitted him better than his own girl, who was too tight. As soon as her legs opened to its limit, he began ramming at her pussy and caused her to scream in ecstasy. It was much bigger than his buddy’s and her body could not handle it, bombarding her senses with orgasms as every part of her pussy was in contact with that huge cock.

Pumping furiously, he was filled with jealousy that his buddy got such a slut while he got an inexperienced girl, having him to train her till he got tired. But little did he know, his girl was also fucking at the same time, and the smaller dick was stimulating her better than his oversized one. Growing stronger every minute, Ronny couldn’t wait any longer and flipped her legs together, turning her to the side and helping her get into doggie without leaving her pussy.

In under a minute, Ling was on her fours and he was grabbing her slim waist, pounding the life out of her as his dick got bigger. The girl had buried her face into his pillow to silence her moans that seemed to get louder as he rammed, almost tearing her vagina apart. It had felt so good she did not have more than a minute without cumming, and the patch of wetness on his bed just got bigger.

Ling: ‘Keep going until you shoot. Don’t stop.’

Grinning to himself, he pounded her deeper to a point his dick felt a hard bump at the tip, signalling the maximum depth had been achieved. Still not giving in to his urge, he relaxed his rod and went slower, but in longer strokes that totally overwhelmed her mind.

After fifteen minutes of sweaty sex, the noises coming from them died down and he told her that he was cumming.

Ling: ‘Can go all the way until you shoot?’
Ronny: ‘Don’t regret uh.’

She gave him a slutty smile and turned her head to the front, hanging onto the creased bedsheets harder. As she stabilised herself, Ronny fucked her pussy hard and fast, letting the sensation of ‘ejaculate of the century’ built up in his balls. Her relaxed cunt gave him another five minutes of raw sex, until he could no longer hold it in anymore. He pasted his hips on her butt before making a small vibration at his thighs, jabbing her at the deepest spot in minute movements.

In mere seconds, his thick load streamed out powerful at her womb and he could only hear ‘fuck fuck fuck’ being repeated as her body trembled. With the last few shots remaining, Ling’s body collapsed onto his bed with her ass still in the air, dick embedded deeply and still feeling her pussy getting filled.

Finally, he was done with her and fell on his butt, face reddened from the overpowering ejaculation and his low energy levels.

Ronny: ‘Is it better than doing it with your boyfriend?’
Ling: ‘Way better. I came eight times.’
Ronny: ‘But I only came once.’
Ling: ‘I’ll suck you off later. Let me rest first.’
Ronny: ‘You said it uh. Don’t disappoint me.’
Ling: ‘I won’t. But can you cum inside me when you’re shooting?’
Ronny: ‘Collecting sperms to show your boyfriend ah?’
Ling: ‘No lah. Your baby girl and I challenged each other to see who has the most.’

As they rested on both sides of the bed, Ronny’s girl was being filled up with cum, going condomless after she felt how awesome it was. His buddy had a stash of morning after, and there was more than enough for a few mornings. Ling took her phone and turned herself to let Ronny view her conversation with her boyfriend, and he was hoping that she would tell him how much fun she had.

Ling (Whatsapp): Boyfie, can I stay another day with Ronny?
Boyfriend (Whatsapp): Tell him his girl also wanted to ask the same thing.

Ronny nodded and they got another day with each others’ girlfriend, spending the rest of their waking hours fucking and collecting cum in the girls’ pussy. The next day, the girls returned to their respective guys’ house and showed them how much sperms they had in them, only turning them on even more for more sex despite their tiredness.

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