#10 Mosaic

For this week’s topic, we are going to look at the differences, and expectations between Japan’s ‘censored’ and ‘uncensored’ porn. Are you able to tell which is which from the two covers below?

On the left, is an example of those retail-ready, DVD-standard cover most likely for sale in the sex shops of Japan. And tn the right is one of many uncensored adult videos that is probably, only marketed/ sold through the internet.

While we would prefer ALL of the porn in Japan to be uncensored, it is required, by law, for them to mosaic the parts that need no imagination. In any case, the consumers have more or less accepted that and continue/ discontinue making the usual choices.

What are you trying to say here?

I might have gone out of context up there but what irritates me the most is/ are the actresses who appear in theĀ uncensored AVs. While the example above doesn’t look half bad, 80% of the covers/ thumbnails are not even censor-worthy.

To keep you reading, here are the thumbnails to the videos listed above.

With hope, I went through as many uncensored ones as I could before I finally gave up. Most of them (like the one above) lacked in plots, and are usually done in one take, at a single-location.

So, my point is, it’s not that I lacked access or preferred the censored JAVs, there just isn’t any good uncensored ones to recommend.

I guess as it’s they say, ‘each to their own (taste)’.

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