Sugar Alice

After I booked out from my third reservist, I managed to hitch a ride in my friend’s car, driven by his mum, and chatty older sister. For most part of the journey, his sister was bombarding us with our NS lives and lots of funny incidents were brought up. His mum dropped them off first and continued on to my house, but not before stopping at a gas station.

Mum: ‘You want anything?’
Me: ‘Nope. Thanks auntie.’
Mum: ‘You make me feel so old sia.’

The way she walked was nothing like the other women her age, wearing a V-neck, black bodycon dress that highlighted her toned, matured figure. Upon returning with a plastic bag, she handed me a bottle of Naughty G, claiming that that was the only energy drink she could find.

She hit on the gas pedel after her car was filled up and drove into a carpark opposite my house, ignoring my directions. Parking the vehicle next to a van, she assured me that she was just going to get dinner before sending me home. But the long wait for her to exit the car made me suspect otherwise and her true intention came after a few minutes of aimless adjustments.

Mum: ‘Actually, I have a personal question to ask you. But I can’t with my kids around.’
Me: ‘Yeah? What is it?’
Mum: ‘Am I considered what you guys call a MILF?’

Shocked by her knowledge about the term, I stayed quiet for a minute before nodding my head.

Me: ‘I guess so.’
Mum: ‘But what defines a MILF?’
Me: ‘Hmm.. age, figure and body language?’
Mum: ‘Can this pass?’

She hooked her finger between the V cut collar and pulled it low, revealing the deep cleavage where a gold latch popped up. Closing two of her fingers on the centre clasp, her breasts bounced apart within her body hugging dress. The next move to remove her bra came seamlessly as my eyes stayed glued to her shapely chest, astounded by what was happening before me.

Her hand slid across my hips and went to the buttons holding my bulge under control, and one by one, they popped apart like magic. Watching her fingers wriggle into the opening made me even harder and the size of my cock confirmed my horniness.

Me: ‘Auntie.. it’s sweaty down there.’
Mum: ‘Alice. Say it.’
Me: ‘Alice.. ‘

A groan came out of me as soon as she started stroking it, her throat gulping as her head came nearer. Her nose breathed in deeply and her eyes shut themselves, as if I was a yummy piece of meat. Well, how could I be after the slow out processing in the hot sun?

Alice: ‘You know? This smell never fails to turn me on.’
Me: ‘But don’t your husband satisfy you?’
Alice: ‘It’s not him that I am doing this. It’s my little fetish for sweaty cocks. Especially on a sweet guy like you.’
Me: ‘Sweet?’
Alice: ‘Yupp. Here.’

My head flung backwards as her lips savoured my rod. Instead of inhaling deeply, every deep throat she did forced air out of me, sending my body shivering in pleasure. None of her teeth hit me as her mouth slurped up and down, tongue occasionally teasing my dick when she took her rest. I didn’t take long to push my hand between her cleavage and squeezed the hell out of them, forcing her to moan with me.

She couldn’t take my abuse for long and returned to her seat after a while, letting me caress her boobs fiercely according to her request.

Alice (moaning): ‘Oh yes.. you young people are so energetic when it comes to sex. You’re going to make me come just like that!’

She stopped me after completing her sentence and peeled her dress to her waist, before collapsing the seat flushed to the ground. Climbing eagerly to the backseats, I followed suit and felt her hand grabbing my dick again, keeping me rock hard as I struggled to keep myself composed.

My fuck-four was opened in the middle and my pants fell easily to my waist, thanks to the bigger pair I bought for reservist. I shoved her on her back and climbed on top of her, giving her groin a feel to receive a pleasant surprise. Indeed, there was no need for her to wear a panty with that seductive figure, plus she was all soaked and ready for me down there.

Alice: ‘Am I your first MILF?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’
Alice: ‘Then let me be your only want. But only if you keep your cock sweaty for me.’
Me: ‘I’ll keep this underwear unwashed just for you.’
Alice: ‘Good boy.’

She guided my hips to hers to dock my barrel, feeling her slippery pussy pulsate along my shaft. There were no more words to say when the intense sex began, pumping my two weeks’ worth of lust deep into her body. The exercises I did definitely helped by delaying my ejaculation, and it was a record for me not to cum while moving so fast.

The soft vaginal muscles felt like a gentle hand, lightly holding me while I jerked to my heart’s content. The hot mum just moaned louder for me to hear, and her boney hands never stopped scratching my back.

Alice (moaning): ‘I’m going to squeeze a little k?’
Me (panting): ‘Uh huh.’

Her physical age immediately dropped to a teenager’s body as my cock felt the narrower love tunnel, slightly stiffer but definitely wetter in line with her more agonising moans. I couldn’t stop myself from fucking her deeper and all I got were constant drifts into light headedness. Her knees were then raised to her chest next, and there I felt the most vulnerable state of my mind.

Me (groaning): ‘Shit.. I think I’m cumming!’
Alice (whispering breathlessly): ‘Not yet dear!’

The ring right outside her pussy closed around my base and I felt my urge disappearing, drawing away much of the pleasure my sensitive cock was experiencing. I regained my strength quickly but she was pushing me away, to catch her breaths while flipping her body over.

A mechanical whine brought her side of the window down and she supported her chest on the ledge, playfully shaking her ass to tempt me. I took my time to find the best spot for my knees and a Bangladeshi worker was seen looking in our direction.

Alice: ‘Just keep going k? He is getting a free show.’

I nudged my penis slowly into her dripping wet pussy and watched the man pretending to text on his phone, while glancing at us from time to time. We remained still until he was about two lots away, enjoying an unobstructed view of her exposed boobs. Finally with the right audience, I started to hammer her from behind and let her assets jiggle for him. Just when he suspiciously raised his phone at her, she waved a finger at him and raised the window for warning.

The brightly lit screen went into his pockets once he got her cue and he settled down on the curb adjacent to our car boot. After the ground rule has been set, the rest was history. Her voice became louder with every stroke, and my aching neck didn’t even bothered me. I held her waist firmly and rammed the life out of her, losing my life force to her orgasms.

Me (grunting): ‘I can’t hold it back anymore Alice!’
Alice (loving tone): ‘Then just fuck me till you cum.. it’s safe.’

My chin dipped for a nod and she bit her forearm, receiving my full force slamming on her ass for the final round. Senselessly groaning for at least a minute, she had gone quiet unlike what her tightening pussy was telling. My mind went all over the place as I felt my urge withdrawing, before a forward thrust knocked half her body out of the window.

Of course, with my support, she did not fall but that was just my first wave. I cupped my hands on her boobs to bring her back and let my dick empty the rest into her, slamming back to the seats as the last drop was sucked out. Her rising hips earned at least two more blank shots with the vacuum inside, and the smiling spectator showed us how well we performed.

As the window came back down, she turned to me and bent forward over my dick. All I could do was to lay flat and feel her tongue clean my dick thoroughly. Once everything was back in place, including our clothes, we drove to my block in a satisfied silence.

Alice: ‘Don’t tell him k?’
Me: ‘It’s our little secret.’

His mum got my number from my buddy and texted me within an hour, arranging to meet up the next day for some shopping. So, this is how it feels having a sugar mum that loves to be licked on her young looking, shaved pussy.

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