Past Forward

Ken (astonished): ‘Hey Amy.. what are you doing here? And what’s that under your collar?’
Amy: ‘My boyfriend is just there. He wants you to read this.’

Ken took the folded A4 paper from her and read it carefully.

We both agreed to live out a fantasy of mine. In summary, this is ‘another’ Amy you thought you know. Follow her to her car and let her drive you somewhere. I’ll be watching in the same room, but her body will be yours for tonight.

The piece of paper was folded and returned to her, where she took it and walked casually towards her car. As planned, I followed them into the car and took the backseats, while she removed her jacket to reveal the prickly nylon strapped around her neck. A full set of bondage straps had been tightened around her voluptuous D cups, but it was barely visible from her neckline.

We drove to a hotel at Paya Lebar and parked nearby, heading straight for the lobby where a few guests loitered around.

Ken: ‘Do you have a room for overnight stay?’
Staff: ‘For one night?’
Ken: ‘Yes.’

Her ex-boyfriend made the payment and held her hand all the way to the room, letting me enter before he locked the door. I found a seat near the window and stayed in a corner, watching him stand before my girl whose fists were clenched in anxiousness.

Ken: ‘You are not forced into this are you?’
Amy (softly): ‘No. I’m not.’
Ken: ‘Sure?’
Amy: ‘Yes.’

He tucked his finger into her dress’ strap and pulled them off her shoulders, revealing the two loops holding her breasts so tightly. The band around her neck had raised her asset a little, and the fastener around her back kept them in place. The unhelpful pair of nipple stickers were peeled off in his gentle hands, but her pointy tips did not stay long in sight.

His mouth went over to her right breast and sucked hard on it, making her slump onto the bed in weakness. As if reliving her past love, she held his head in her arms and dug into his hair, reacting appropriately to his vicious tongue movements. The duo was almost unstoppable if not for the wave of my hand, sobering Amy up for an extra treat.

She went to her backpack and fished a leash out, the end connected to a furry black collar. Along with that, a plastic bottle of lubricant was also left on the bed.

Amy: ‘You can tie me up with this.’
Ken: ‘Why would I do that?’
Amy: ‘So I won’t run away?’

I received the ‘you’re an asshole’ look from him but he took the collar nontheless, snapping the buttons around her neck to hold it in place. Unsure if he was just acting gentleman, he did not let the attachment go to waste as he led her to the bed, forcing her to crawl on her fours.

Slipping the end loop around his wrist, he sure knew how to keep a ‘bitch’ in control. As soon as he got his pants off, another tug pulled her in his direction until she reached his groin.

Ken: ‘Can you suck me like before?’
Amy: ‘I can try. But can you use this?’

His eyes widened upon seeing the bottle of strawberry lubricant landing in his palm, dumbfounded by her preferred use of flavoured lube for a blowjob. As soon as he made a few pumps of the clear, viscous liquid over his cock, she placed her paws on his thigh and combed her fringe behind her ears.

Bending over his waist, Amy took almost half of his length in before her lips shut tight, garnering a sudden deep breath of air from him. She made a few strokes before swapping to her hand, thumb focused on grinding his dick head until he was trembling. Her mouth went back to work and more sighs came, from the relieve from his sensitive tip.

She never stopped sucking as long as she could still smell the strawberry, and when it was almost gone, she surprised him by licking the sides of his shaft for him.

Ken: ‘You have never done that with me.’
Amy: ‘Is it?’

His abs was rising and falling from the sloppy blowjob, and it was obvious to her that he was feeling all she had been taught (by me). Taking a few seconds’ rest, he twisted his wrist to shorten the leash, followed by a forceful shove behind her head.

Ken: ‘Suck me more.’

Her face was stuffed with his cock and she had no control over the depth when he held her head down. Following his wishes, gagging noises filled the room up. No amount of thigh-slaps could stop him and her desperate waves to me was futile. She was his for the night – as stated.

After a long while, he relaxed the leash and helped her sit up, panting rapidly with watery eyes.

Ken: ‘I’m sorry Amy. I’m really sorry.’
Amy (sobbing): ‘It’s okay. I never gone this far with you before.’

He placed her on her back and laid on top of her, massaging both her boobs while alternating his mouth between both nipples. Her prior discomfort was quickly smothered as moans were heard, bringing him back to the loving guy he was.

Ken: ‘Open your legs wide.’
Amy: ‘Yes daddy.’
Ken: ‘Good girl. Rub yourself now.’

She pushed hard on her clit and moved in circles, while he went to his bag for a condom. Taking his time to put it on, she was thoroughly wet when he swiped his finger along her pussy. Wasting no words, she hugged him sensually as his hips thrust into her vagina, calming her tensed body in a single stroke.

The familiar moans came louder as he picked up speed, hammering my girl into ecstasy. Given how well the plan was executed, her first orgasm came within the first few minutes, sending her body into convulsion with her legs wrapping tightly around his waist.

Ken (groaning): ‘You are still as tight huh!’
Amy (moaning): ‘Of course. For you daddy.. ‘

He regained his position and split her knees even wider, jutting his hips at her pussy in hyper speed. Though not as deep, the speed and angle drove her nuts and it didn’t take long before she came again, this time, bending her chest forward to pull him down for a kiss.

Amy (moaning): ‘Daddy.. Fuck me till you cum.’

In her favourite position, sprawled like an overturned dog, her boobs jiggled heartily between their chests. He was venting all his emotions through his deep-sea piling, filling up the void in her pussy. The couple went back to their old sex life, indulging in the intense, yet passionate sex.

Ken (groaning): ‘I’m cumming baby!’
Amy (moaning): ‘Shoot it inside me Daddy!’

He switched to the ‘deep, single stroke’ gear and pumped hard at her pussy, collapsing her lungs to exhale all the love out of sex. In under half a minute, a gentle tremble from her shoulders turned her to a possessed being, muscles twitching out of control.

Amy (exclaiming): ‘Fuck! I’m coming again!’

The lifeless body jolted like electrocution until she fell into a cross figure, only part moving was her chest.

Amy (wearily): ‘Can you leave the room to us now?’
Ken (panting): ‘You sure?’
Amy: ‘Please?’

He gathered his clothes and went into the shower, coming out to see his ex covered up under the blanket. During the time he put on his shoes, his gaze never left her direction.

Ken: ‘I’ll text you later k? Or you can text me.’

Not waiting for her reply, he left the room and us. I took off her collar and wiped her body dry, before lying deep in thoughts next to her.

Amy: ‘It’s your turn to be my puppy now. You can start by licking here.’

She held up her more-sensitive right boob and I took it into my mouth, flicking it gently with my tongue – the way she likes.

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