10 Years A Shot

Me: ‘Are you Carrie?’
Girl (exclaiming): ‘J?! It has been so long!’

We alighted the same bus at the stop between our houses, going back all the way to secondary school when it was common to bump into each other. It had been almost ten years since we last saw each other and her bubbly facial features weren’t something to be forgotten.

Carrie: ‘You’re going home now? Same direction ah?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Never moved anywhere. But I didn’t even bump into you for this long.’
Carrie: ‘Yeah lo. So weird. Wanna chat for a bit? Still early.’

We walked side by side to her block I remembered she lived in, admiring her ‘ah lian’ style of clothes. Consisting of a bra top spaghetti top and very short shorts, she had bloomed into a man magnet with her immature figure that suited her small frame very well. A gothic tattoo half covered under her top sort of pointed me to what decisions she made, handbag dangling from her slender arm.

Carrie: ‘So you married yet? So many of our classmates are married already. I think Liting even had a kid.’
Me: ‘Haha. How to marry? We both stopped at poly. Work and work just to live each day.’

At the void deck table, she took out a cigarette and offered one to me, one that I could not refuse after stopping for so long. Her feet automatically folded as we exhaled smoke, luring my eyes to her wide opened groin area. She was a hostess at a bar then and did not enjoy her work, often groped and felt up by drunken men in the dark.

The sudden change in her attitude appeared when I told her what I was working as, and her tone became really gentle.

Carrie: ‘Okay. I think it’s getting late. Send me up?’
Me: ‘Sure. Let me finish the stick.’

We sucked on our third herbs roll and went up her block, exiting together to walk her a little further. Dipping her hand easily into her bag, her keys clanged and she jingled it a little, eyebrow raising while she stared one second longer at me.

Carrie: ‘Want to come in?’
Me: ‘If your parents don’t mind.’

She opened her doors to the brightly lit living room, mother sitting on the couch watching the news.

Carrie: ‘Mummy, wo hui lai le. Wo de peng you jing lai yi xia.’
Mummy: ‘Hi.’
Me: ‘Hi auntie.’
Carrie: ‘Come.’

She pulled me by my elbow into her room, a few piles of clothes lying on the floor while two display racks lined against one side of the wall. I took my seat on her bed while she fumbled a pile for a white nightie, heading towards the door with it.


The lights went off and everything took a turn for the darker side. Shroud in mystery, I felt her hands resting on my shoulders and given them a much needed massage, before moving to the bed and behind me. Palms slid across my chest as I breathed deeply, mind leading me on as she reached the ends of my shirt.

I raised my hands as my top came off, only to feel her soft boobs touching my back when she leaned closer. Still behind me, she undid my belt and the loud zipper noises came on.

Carrie (whispering): ‘Wait for me.’

Shuffling sounds came and her shorts hit the pile in the distance, guiding me to lean backwards on her chest. Besides the non-stop movements of her hard nipples on my back, her hands were stretched all the way to my groin.

The hard on was easily subdued by her gentle up-down movements, tugging some skin along as she massaged it. Not senseless, I shifted myself away and laid on her bed, turning to her as she playfully flipped herself facing the wall.

I ran my hand across her waist and onto her breast, delicately kneading it with occasional pinches on her peaks. Moans started playing on her vocals as I roamed her body, only going for her pussy when she wrapped one leg around my thigh.

Smoothness was all that my fingertip detected when I went south, until a narrow canyon appeared. A tiny river running between her soft, fleshy valley met the shaft of my finger and she let off a louder unrestrained groan – just like how a scratch relieved an unbearable itch.

I started off by rubbing her clit and gliding along her slit, till she came once and could not stand my teasing anymore. Turning around to me, we looked at each other’s face and silence was all that bonded us.

Carrie (whispering): ‘Fuck me on top.. ‘

In a swift move, I got on my knees and let her part her legs under me, awaiting her to get ready for what she just asked for. A light grasp on my cock led me to her pussy, where she spread her labia apart with her fingers for me to sink into.

Inches at a time, I drove my screw into her bolt, that fitted so well with a little pressure around the shaft. We both took one deep breath of excitement as we felt the closest connection humans could have, and spent another few seconds trying to feel each other’s importance.

Me: ‘Ready?’
Carrie (shyly): ‘Yeah?’

She bit her lips once my hips began thrusting, thighs tapping lightly together in contrast to the deep strokes. It was all to minimise the suspicion of her mum (which everyone knows she knew). Stifled moans came into my neck as I pounded her faster and faster, enjoying the tightening grip of her vagina.

Just as I felt the difficulty to stick it into her, fingernails dug into my back as a shiver built up her orgasm. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me right in, choking my dick in the deadly vacuum space at her nether region.

Before she even let me go, I began ramming my cock into her contractions, splitting her mind apart in desperation. It was tiring to keep going at that small hole but she was shivering just one minute in, hinting at another incoming orgasm.

Carrie (whispering): ‘Another one?!’

This time, her teeth sank into my shoulder blade as I felt waves milking my cock, albeit to nothingness coming out of me.

Carrie: ‘Let’s stand and do it.’

She bundled her hair as we got off her slumber zone, and bent her back for me over her messy bedsheets. I took no chance in returning my cock to where it belonged, and she almost collapsed forward from the abrupt entry.

Carrie: ‘Gentler la.’
Me: ‘Orh.’

I pushed her back down and hammered her ass hard, jolting her chest up but not raising her waist. Her beautiful ass looked like the brightest moon(s), jerking in front of my merciless thrusts. Without any signs of orgasms, she squeezed her pussy together for me and I naturally engaged hyper-speed mode.

Reaching forward for her boobs, I grabbed them hard as my hips buckled, still plodding deeply into her pussy. We almost groaned too loud when I came into her, nudging her into her mattress as my cum filled her up. Her ass perked up shortly to let her massage her clit, and I was shrinking out of her body in time.

Carrie: ‘You really shoot a lot eh. So hot inside me.’

We fell into the bed together and it took us some effort to adjust our position onto her pillow. Wet tissues came to clean ourselves up and she was just so excited about the load I shot in her. Putting on a long denim jacket around her naked body, she handed me my clothes as I wore them back.

When we exited her room, her mum’s wide smile at us embarrassed Carrie badly till she dare not look at her. Walking out into the corridor hand in hand, the idea of her being nude under that decent piece of jacket did turn me on a little.

Carrie: ‘You still using the same number right?’
Me: ‘Yupp.’

My answer was probably not heard as she was scrolling her contact list, shoving the screen in my face to confirm my number. Once in the lift, she let me feel her boobs from the top few undone buttons, until we hit the ground floor.

Carrie: ‘Call me k? I’m free tomorrow.’

The next day, we went out for a simple dinner before she brought me back to her place again. Apparently, she had gone nude under that skater dress and was turned on for the whole of our date. The quick progress from dressed to full fledge sex was all thanks to her tiny exhibitionist fetish, which is never a bad thing to have.

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