Captain’s Mast

James (shouting) : ‘Thank you for riding with fucking transit bus services!’

He killed the engines after he parked the last bus entering the bus park and threw his bag pack over his shoulders, storming to the back of the lower deck.
Seeing that there wasn’t any belongings he could ‘pick’, he went up and expected nothing more, until a girl’s head poking out of the last row of seats disappointed him.

James: ‘Miss? Miss? Reach already.’

The lifeless body jiggled a few times to his pushes but the shallow warm breaths from her nose extended her time of death. Unsure of what to do, James sat down on a seat and texted his supervisor, only to receive ‘call ambulance‘ SMS on his old Nokia phone.

James: ‘Fuck la. I want to go home.’

He looked at her with tired eyes, thanking her for the delay she was about to create. The fair skinned girl had gentle sharp eye features, lips lusciously red and the baby doll dress she wore barely covered her flawless porcelain skin, scanning all the way to her tiny feet in slippers.

James went down to the bus control panel and turned off the lights, returning to her after closing the bus doors. With the air-con running, he moved her body out of the narrow corner into the wider middle seat. Despite his rough handling, she was still unconscious. Not even raising her dress caused a single stir and in no time, her panties was pulled off her feet.

James quickly undid his pants and tilted her head up, stuffing her cheeks full with his cock thay foreskin was dryly pulled backwards. The moment his warm dick was cosily buried in her lips, a few thrusts was all it took to coat him in a slippery, wet momentum, while rubbing her pussy out.

Soon, slimy juices began running all over his weathered fingers, making him even harder knowing she was completely out cold, yet awake in heart.

Dragging her arms across the seat to the other end of the row, he took his kneeling position at her ankles. He tilted her hips upright as he pushed her knees inwards, slowly forming the doggie style he wanted to try.

After two minutes, he was ready as hell when her shaved pussy peeked out from under her dress, and a quick shove engulfed his cock in an overwhelmingly soothing comfort.

James (groaning): ‘Fuck man..’

His big hands held both sides of her waists as he pounded her, forcing his cock into her small opening that tightly sealed around his shaft. Soft moans did scared him a little but nothing more than that happened. She was still pouring out juices, and never felt any warmer than that.

As her body jerked non-stop, James dick was swollen and red as hell, from the tightening pussy he was raping. Knowing that his limits were approaching, his body just spurred on into the final burst of energy. Loud slapping noises came as his hips bumped her fiercely, at a temp similar to the clangs of the Energizer bunny.

James: ‘Argh.. Yes!’

Short but powerful strokes were driven into her pussy as lost his vision for a moment, cock spewing cum continously until he had lost strength in his thighs to hold him up any longer.

Girl (weakly) : ‘Uhhh.. ‘

James quickly wore his pants and her panties back, sitting her up on the purple seats just in time as she regained consciousness.

Girl (rubbing eyes): ‘Where are we?’
James: ‘Bus interchange. You ok?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. I think I fell asleep. Sorry sir.’

She hopped up and went downstairs, with James walking behind her to unlock the doors. Eyes on her shaking ass, his mind was replaying the scenes earlier over and over again.

Girl: ‘Oh ya. Did you see anyone near me just now?’
James: ‘No. No one even woke you up. That’s why you are still here?’
Girl: ‘Haha. Okay then. I’m think just feeling a bit high. Goodnight sir. Sorry for keeping you.’

James did a final walk through his vehicle and the grin on his face never left throughout his walk home. There were no wallets or phones to pick, but a girl? That’s a one in a lifetime pick.

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