16 On Holidays

We met at Redhill MRT and went for a quick bite since there isn’t much shopping centres around to walk. After the movie, we went to a playground to chill while she got a smoke.

As we shared our first times, details of her defloration triggered my raging hormones and gave me a boner. Her first time was given to her ex, and she enjoyed herself over 2 hours of non-stop fucking. Knowing what she said will get me hard, she asked if I was hard and there, the answer right before her.

Since it was dark and close to raining, I showed her my dick as she requested and was taken aback by the size of mine. Then, I learnt that the sessions with her ex was so long because he was smaller, and took a longer time to give her orgasms. Her ex’s also had ejaculation issues, therefore explaining the long sessions.

She was getting wet just be the sight of my huge stick. She climbed over me, lifted her pink floral skirt and told me she wanted to try. The sight of her cute lacy panties was making my little brother yearning for it. She pushed the panties covering her cameltoe aside and settled her pussy over my hard rod, I could hear a little gasp and moans after. It was a perfectly smooth penetration, she took it whole in one swift motion. I didn’t dare to move much for fear of hurting her, and cumming too soon. On the other hand, neither did she dared to move.

She simply sat on me, while hugging me tightly, enjoyed something so huge for the first time, in her. With her whole weight on me, to make room for my dick to go in and out would be tough. I slid her out while she pulled the bars of the playground to help me. I capped myself quickly to prevent any accidents, and also fast enough not to keep her waiting for long.
She let go off her hands and her hole took over my rod again, it was easier sliding down on my dick, since it was already lubricated by her overflowing pussy. My dick wasn’t receiving it well then, she’s too tight. As she lifted and eased herself up and down, I was applying the cum control skill a friend has taught me. She was having the most intense orgasms (as she claimed) and of course, I was experiencing the tightest pussy I’ve ever come across.

We had close to forty minutes of rest and grinding. The both of us agreed on not changing positions as we’re in public, any other positions would give us away. Finally, I no longer could take it and had to release.

She lifted herself off and switched to give me a handjob. She wanted to see if it was more than her ex’s. Without further ado, she jerked me off with skills learnt from porn and her ex. I unloaded it on her hands and well, since I don’t masturbate out of addiction, I had a lot stored up. Quite a few drops caught onto her skirt as she tried to contain the lot on her hands.

We washed up with the bottled water I carried with me. While resting under her block, she said, ‘I climaxed close to 5 times just now leh. My ex boyfriend make me climax only twice in 2 hours, and I thought he was good. Wah lau.’

I smiled at her and told her we could do it again if she wants. We then spent another 30 minutes or so, scheduling our next meeting. I could tell she had fun, and also a little sore between her legs. =)

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