Sec 2

It was on habbo when I met this girl, 14 years old. She asked for my msn and we’re soon chatting with each other. Learning that she’s studying at Tampines, I quickly suggested to meet up and she agreed, since it’s her holidays now. We’ve seen each other online, photo exchanges as well.

We met at Tampines mall and walked and shopped while chatting about school, work and relationships. The fun part is at 9pm, when I was sending her home. We stopped at the 7th floor, she wanted to go to her friend’s house to catch up for a bit. The girl opening the door was a fine looking girl, probably around her age.

We entered her house and she asked me to go to one of the rooms to wait. In about 5 minutes’ time, she entered the room in her friend’s PE attire (I assumed as it was a little too big for her). She sat on the bed facing me, while I was on the revolving chair.

‘I want to see you masturbate, can show me how you do it?’, she said that in the sweetest tone I’ve heard from her. ‘You show me how you masturbate too, and I’ll do it. Fair?’, I asked her in reply. She thought for a while, went to lock the door and pulled her shorts off. Of course, I removed my pants and undies about the same speed as her.

I laid on the bed while she sat with her legs open at my face. Slowly, I moved my skin up and down, getting hard at the sight of her rubbing her clit and moaning lightly. One of her hands then reached for my dick, she then said, ‘i help you?’. I let go of my hand and allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

I slid my hands under her knees and between her legs, ‘i’ll help you too.’ She released her hand and placed it behind her, supporting herself on the bed. I rubbed her as I saw how she rubbed herself, and slowly, I entered her vagina a little at a time, rubbing her more as I went deeper. Her movement on my dick hastened as she went into climax.

I got up and asked her to lie down, my head went between her long legs and licked her gently, keeping to the rhythm of her breathing. As she orgasmed for the second time, I took a break and cuddled with her before asking for a blowjob. She had never done it before, but would not mind trying.

She went off the bed and knelt beside me, with my dick standing in her full sight. She took all she could into her mouth and started moving, she sure was inexperienced, but she was good for a start. Without wanting to tire her out, I gave her a warning that I am cumming.

She forced her own head down and deep throat me while I shot everything into the back of her throat. She gagged for a while before taking it out of her mouth. I was worried about her, cleaned her up and watch her dress up in her own clothes. On the climb back to her house, she told me she liked to go to her friend’s house as her friend could let her do whatever she wanted in there.

I was the first guy to enter that room, and probably will not see her again. We enjoyed ourselves and bid goodbye after a kiss, for the first time since we met.

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