Quickie before Work

I was in the lift with her, a colleague I’ve been attracted to, visually. As a habit, I turned for the toilet after I exited the lift. So did she, right behind me. The toilets were beside each other, before I make another turn for the gents, I turned back and greeted her morning.

She walked across behind me and tapped me before I got any further to the urinals. It was an industrial estate that I’m working in, and there weren’t many people around then. Therefore explaining the fact that she could walked a little into the gents to get my attention.

‘You want to have some fun before work? I think you’re the most good looking guys of all those attached here before’, she said as shyly as possible. I went out of the toilet and made a dash for the ladies since there weren’t anyone in there. She entered the handicapped one with me and hung her handbag on the hook after me.

She pulled me close and held my hands, placing it on her waist before sliding them under her frilly top. I could understand what she wanted, I worked my hands up her top and into her bra, support a pair of huge boobs, and protruding hard nipples. As she breathed heavier, her hands went under her skirt and rubbed herself.

As gently as I could to avoid detection, I undid my belt and let my pants fall free to the ground. She was masturbating herself with one hand, and mine with her other. When she felt wetter, she pulled her panties off and lifted up her skirt so I could see her better. I took out my hard rod and positioned it under her spreaded legs. I slowly moved my hips up so it would enter her from below.

Her hand cupped over her own mouth to muffle her moans as I began to move up and down, in and out of her. Without much space to move about, we switched to doggy with her bending over, using the toilet bowl as support.

The slapping sound of my testicles against her pussy did not last long before she orgasmed, squeezing my dick all over with her vaginal muscles. With a few more thrusts, I exploded inside her and released 4 days of cum inside. With me still inside her, she picked up her panties. Once I pull my dick out, she wore her underwear back as quickly as she could, and rubbed her pussy for a while, relieving herself of the soreness and at the same time, spreading the cum, from her overflowing pussy, around.

I pulled my jeans up and right before I buckle my pants, she licked my penis clean before helping me to put it back in my underwear. A quick wash up and we’re out of the place for work.

For the rest of the day, she would rub herself occasionally. Making sure everything stays in. The thought of getting her pregnant was relieved when she told me she was on the pill.

‘See you tomorrow! Bye bye!’ she said that as I left the office after work, tired and horny. I am beginning to enjoy this.

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