iRaped 3

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There was no activity apart from sex with Polly. Belle and her brother did not step in for one whole day. There was a hot kettle and some cup noodles, which was our breakfast and dinner. The door opened after someone struggled with it and we waited for what was about to come.

It was a couple of girls no older than 16. Of course I was shocked, Ben (name of the bulky) brought them here for a sex education. They allowed him to shave their pussies and used Polly to show them how to masturbate. They got the hang of it and the looks of them getting off turned Ben and I on as well. He introduced them to sex by penetrating wet Polly and secretly asked Polly to make it look as though she felt real good.

Ben then asked one of them to position in missionary in front of me and asked the other to go into doggy before him. On the count of three, we shoved our dicks into them and pumped away, careful not to cum in them. They enjoyed the sex after the pain and would come again tomorrow. He arranged for Belle to let them in and use me in anyway they want. With Polly helping them as well.

Ben won’t be around tomorrow, and Belle would be out of the house after the two girls come. I wonder what will come tomorrow, both Polly and I are excited. Nightfall came and Polly offered to service me. She made sure I don’t have to do anything, except just cumming inside her.

Belle came into the room early at 6am and I gave her a round of morning sex before she prepared to go out for the day. It was a surprise that Polly and I had never thought of escaping. It was like a heaven for devils.

The doorbell rang and Belle let the two girls in before locking the place up. They brought in a pill cup with 2 pills with ‘Vigra’ etch on them. I popped one in and proceeded to fuck their brains out. Polly made them lick her while I was fucking them behind. A faint scent was making everyone in the room super horny. We went for close to six rounds for EACH of the 16 year old and the Viagra had not died down yet.

Giving handjob is the last thing they learnt. Unable to exit the house, they slept on the bed while I worked with Polly to subdue the Viagra effects. It was her turn to lie still while I fucked her. I counted her orgasms and after about 4 times, she fainted and I had to keep going despite her limp body.

At exactly 8pm, I blacked out from exhaustion and collapsed. Polly cleaned the couple up and sent them home while she cleaned me up. Lying right next to me, we slept for the rest of the day.

Belle and her brother would be going overseas and they stocked enough food for the both of us. I guess I am never leaving this place. Polly and I fucked non-stop with the Viagra at my disposal and we probably only stopped to eat and sleep. We had fun even when doing our business in toilet.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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