iRaped 2

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A burly man barged into the room. Pulled her hair and she automatically undid his jeans, pulling his dick out into the open. I moved myself to the head of the bed as she got into doggy style for him. She held my calves and bit hard as he entered her – dry. She wasn’t even warmed up nor ready. He simply humped away, ‘don’t waste her mouth, use it bro. Suck him!’, he blurted that sentence intimidatingly.

She took my dick into her mouth and sucked. To help her get wet faster, I moaned in hope she would feel turned on too. He went faster and faster until he gave a shiok feeling on his face, I presumed he had came into her. She was trying to smile while enjoying it. He continued pumping her for the second time, and she sucked me harder than before.

The huge guy groaned as he came another time, and at the same time, I moaned as I shot the tiny load into her mouth. She sucked everything out and cleaned me with her tongue before going back to bed. There, I learnt she was fed the pill everyday, and the big guy was Anabelle’s brother. Anabelle was the person who kidnapped me.

He brought dinner in for the both of us and locked the room before going out to do his own stuffs. Belle came home at 4am and again, fucked me, but this time, I played a bigger role fucking her as well. Polly taped the whole thing as ordered to and had a little pussy licking from me too. Soon, the two hours of fucking was over. I fell asleep after Polly showered me.

It wasn’t until 2pm before Belle bought lunch for us, and well, I had to fuck her as I ate. The plate was on her back as she knelt on the floor with her stomach on the bed. It was new and quite fun too. Polly was actually laughing throughout the whole session. She was a long haired girl, big eyes and breasts a little big for her body. She was taller than me by a little, the special thing about her was pink nipples. It was rare for a Chinese to have pink nipples.

We rested and chat for the day until Belle and Bulky (the name Polly and I gave) came in at 9pm for their ‘exercise’. It was a foursome, but of course, Belle wouldn’t fuck her brother. But it was fun, and free sex too. We did it until 11pm and for a start, Polly and I had sex on our own. It felt more like a love making session instead of fuck. We fell asleep with my dick in her and woke up at random times to fuck and sleep.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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