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Awakened, I found myself tied on her bed naked. All my limbs are bounded to the ends of the bed with those red bondage ropes I seen on Japanese porn. She wasn’t alone though, I could hear her friends’ laughter at the living room. She doped my drink after our sex and wanted to make me her slave. She came into the room alone, dressed in a mini dress and no undies. She climbed over my dick and jerked me a little to get me up.

Sliding her hole down my shaft, there was no condom separating us. She rode me non-stop and changed to reverse cow girl. Then, one of her friends came in and took off her jeans and buried my face in her trimmed pussy. All of her friends looked and sounded around her age of 28. I was literally raped. She did not stop despite me cumming twice in her.

Just right before I came for the third time, she got off me and allowed her friend to take over. She rode me as how her previous friend did and did not stop torturing me with the grinding of her pussy. As I tried hard not to cum again, the door opened and a girl around the age of 19 entered. She spread her legs and placed her hips over my face, almost in a doggy style. She wasn’t shaved, but she smelled good, sweet. A pause as I was cumming into the pussy of the second girl named Eliza. ‘Call me Polly’, said the girl whom I am licking. I kept going and made her cum.

Polly was a little squirter, a steady flow of juice thicker than urine came out and went straight into my mouth. I was having difficulty getting my cock to stand after so many round. And my eyes were barely opened. Eliza pulled Polly by her hair and asked her to ride me. She obediently listened and once she’s above me, the tightness got me all hard again. Eliza pulled her away as she began grinding on my dick. Eliza got back on and continued to fuck me for about two cumshots’ worth.

Polly went out after Eliza went and asked the next to come into the room. This girl entered the room and she immediately slid the strap off her shoulders. To my surprise, she placed a condom over my limp meat after I cummed and almost blacked out from exhaustion. She sat on me once again and the tightness was unbearable. Somehow, she forced herself on me, almost breaking my cock into two. She was doing anal. I cummed for another two times before she would let me rest.

Polly entered the room after they left and spoke to me. ‘I’ve been here for 3 weeks. Serving them, making them happy, mostly sexual needs. They always asked me to masturbate them with vibrators and such. They would allow me to use the toys too.’

I was shocked. But could understand her plight. She wanted attention, to be needed. She freed me of the ropes and I picked up my bag from the corner of the room. I took out my camera and took a few suggestive photos of her and got as much rest as I could. I was getting used to it. Fucking for leisure, and I’ve got four girls to use, who was as horny as I was. She slept beside me and we slept till the door clicked. Looking at the wall clock, it was 1am. And the silence was broken by the locking of the gates.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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