Photoshoot Fun

The photoshoot was successful, quite a number of nice shots, and I’m just going to send her to her house before I go home. It was 8pm and there was no one else at her place, so she invited me in and into her cute room, probably as sweet smelling and messy as any other girls’.

She asked me to take out my camera to show her the photos taken today. As she went to change into something more comfortable, I took the opportunity to check her room, looking around, I could see her drawer of undies, and the wardrobe of clothes revealed the sexy side of her which I’ve never seen before.

She returned dressed in an oversized tee and sat beside me. Thoughts of what’s under her tee were running through my mind, giving me a hard on to be hidden under her blooster over my lap. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to try taking a few pictures in lingerie and she looked at me quite surprised. ‘Take le don’t go put online k? Only for you and me to see k? Promise?’, she said in a serious tone but with a smile. I gleefully nodded my head and prepared my camera while she stood before me.

As I snapped away, trying to capture every shots from a few angles, she was removing her top slowly so I could get clear shots. She glided her shorts down her smooth fair legs and tossed it behind me. She laid on the bed and seductively covered herself with her blanket, revealing her assets in the most provactive manner.

After a good ten minutes of the shuttering, she rested on the bed while I teased her by not giving her her clothes. Accidentally, she fell onto my body trying to reach for her shorts. That moment, with the both of us on the bed, her body over mine, lips just centimetres away. Not sure what came over me, I pasted my lips on hers gently, and there was no resistance from her. Our tongues got naughty and we’re licking all over each other.

Her panties was a little moist, I suppose she was feeling a little horny too, that explains why she was quite shy when ‘fighting’ for her shorts. My finger was rubbing her and my mouth sucking her cute tits. She was a girl with small breasts, that fits her small built perfectly.

Suddenly, a huge gush of juices wetted her panties and she went into shivers and convulsions. Knowing restrains would injure her, I waited till she was better before continuing with the tease. She was too weak from the previous orgasm to stop me from going on. Now I know she squirts too, I wriggled my fingers into her panties and massaged her clit. The very next thing I learnt after squirting is that she is shaved.

I rubbed her clit without rest and not long later, she came again. It was then she realised I removed my clothes except for my boxers. Well, I don’t really want to drench my clothes. Her second squirt was messier as she sprayed onto her blankets and me. Tired from the second, she could not take it and fell onto me. I nudged my body upwards till her head was on my stomach.

She took the meat into her small mouth and as expected, she was too worn out. She used her hands for most part of the stroking, and to help her, I wrapped my hand around her fingers and jerked myself to cum. She covered the exit hole of my dick with both her hands and I spurted every possible rounds I had. She fell into sleep before I knew it and I got up to clean.

Not wanting to forget this memorable moment, I took a few more photos before cleaning her up. I went to bed with her till about 9.30pm. She woke up and cuddled with me till I came round. After a bit of washing her up, she sent me on my way home.

Ohh.. I am going to get addicted to her photoshoot. I think things will get interesting as times go by. Am going to arrange for the next photoshoot.

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