Christmas in WC

We met quite late, close to 9.30pm after she finished her shopping with her boss. With the intention of sending her home, the bus we’re on came up at Paya Lebar MRT and we decided to hop off.

Taking a ten minutes walk, we arrived at City Plaza and walked right to the upper floors of the carpark, heading right for the toilet. Did the checks for spies and people before entering the females. After placing our stuffs on the floor, as quietly as possible, a tongue fight broke out and our hands were running all over each others’ body, under our clothes.

Without me telling her what to do, her hands went into my jeans and undies, tugging on my erect dick. And my hands went under her bra, feeling her firm breasts, and fondled her erected nipples. I’d occasionally pinch her hard, sending thrills of pleasure and pain into her. Both her hands were in my pants, she clampsed by hands together, fingers intertwined as though she was praying, but the hole of her thumbs and index finger facing downwards and jerking me.

After an unbearable twenty mintues of foreplay, our bodies wanted more. With her standing, I slid off her panties and positioned her right leg on the toilet bowl, I loosened my jeans and allowed it to fall onto the floor, exposing my dick in full view before her. Arming the condom impatiently, I rolled a few centimetres down my dick head and let her use her pussy to rolled it as deep as my dick can go into her.

Fucking in a standing position, we could hug each other, kiss and I had no difficulty teasing her nipples at the same time. Somehow, she learnt to continue stimulating her clit while I was plunging my meat stick in and out of her. The dual stimulation sent her into more orgasms than usual, constantly feeling her interiors closing tightly around me.

Being tired after work, I had no intention of holding it in any longer. I pulled my dick out as I felt it coming and asked her how she wanted me to empty myself. She took her panties in one hand and sat on my jeans over the toilet bowl. She wanted to finish me off with a handjob, and I am more than happy to see her willing to come in contact with my soldiers.

She slid her wet panties that was in her hands up and down my shaft, the feeling of her soft underwear and hands on me totally rocks. I could cum in no time. After a incoming alert, she covered my dick hole with her hands and panties, making sure she caught everything. I pulled away her cum-covered hands and panties and pushed her head towards me for a clean up. Sucking and licking all the remains of my sperms with no complains, she used her panties to clean the mess on her hands and put her underwear back on.

I pulled up my boxers and jeans while she adjusted her clothes and picked up our belongings. We left the place shortly after. But the thought of her wearing the cum-covered underwear could not get off my mind, I got hard again every now and then. She was still turned on by the moist under her dress. Obviously, we could go for more.. probably next time.

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