Back from M’sia

She’s finally back in Singapore after 4 days in Malaysia celebrating her grandma’s birthday. We met at Paya Lebar after deciding to have a little fun at the place we first had our sexcapades. We went right into the cubicle after making sure no one was inside, and outside watching.

Once the door is locked, she fell to her knees and undid my pants as steadily as she could. As my fbt shorts hit the ground, a wave of wetness and warmth enveloped my hard little brother. Her lips created a perfect seal around the raw pink flesh of my dick. For once, my penis felt the perfect fit for a nice home. She wrapped her fingers around the lower part of my shaft, jerking slowly and sucking the way she knew I liked it. For eight plus minutes, I felt like I was in heavens, I let her enjoy herself till she was contented and tired. She did a great job, there was no moment where I felt turned off.

During the blowjob, she remembered what I asked for. Closing her teeth lightly on my dick, the feeling of pleasure mixed with pain stimulated me further.

I slid down against my side of the cubicle wall and sat on the floor with her opposite me, she then waddled her way (on her knees) over my stretched legs. I pulled her closer to me and she squatted over my hard dick, with her pussy not quite wet enough. I spat some saliva on my hand before rubbing it over my dick. She sat down on my rod slowly and once my whole thing was in her, she lifted herself up again, allowing me to move my hips, giving her the full penetration. I was seated on the floor, her hands around my neck, and my hands on the floor and the assist beam built for the elderly. I moved my dick in and out of her, feeling every wave of orgasms that hit her.

We were pespiring profusely in the cramped toilet, yet enjoying ourselves at the same time. We were aware that there was no rubber between us, but was probably more overwhelmed with the sex. With a few final thrust into her, I took my dick out just before it was too late.

She sat on my feet while I stood right in front of her, letting her mouth take over me. Her powerful suction didn’t keep her waiting long, she opened her mouth and jerked me when the sperm delivery is closing. Like most of the porn I watched, the white smooth liquid spurted into her mouth as her hands kept working.

She made a quick swallow before taking my meat into her mouth again, sucking all the remainants and cleaning the tip with her tongue, licking it all over like savouring an ice cream. She then swallowed for a second time. I was still hard, and unsure if it was for the better or worse, everything she did just turned me on even more. Of course, being my good girl, she knew exactly what I wanted.

Capping a condom over me, she stood up and turned her back towards me, using the cubical wall as support for her upper body. I double checked for the correct hole, and penetrated her again. The feeling of doing it standing up was different, she’s tighter, and wetter. Due to her hole sealed by my meat, more of her juice stayed in her. Every entry would push some juice out, like a overflowing pail. I pumped quicker as her moans get cuter and ‘purr-y’, like a kitten.

In less than four mintues, my body was pinning her to the wall and fucking her. Her body had to endure the cold walls and handle the continuous ramming of her pussy. For the next six minutes or so, I was already close to cumming again. Asking her if I could cum in her, she nodded and I unloaded. The feeling of her vagina walls closing on my dick was mind-blowing. As though she was squeezing every drop out of me with her pussy.

We cleaned up, got dressed at our own pace and left the spot for food, KFC! Haha. I like her. =) we have our own fun, nothing else really mattered.

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