After-Work Exercise

I was the last to leave the office, so was she. After she offered me a ride home, everyone left the office to her. I finished the machine I was building and went to the office to find her. She was watching shows on her iPhone and listening through a earpiece.

I pulled a chair from the cubicle opposite hers and sat beside her. Knowing I was ready to go, she placed her phone into standby and turned around to kiss me. Both her legs were in between mine, her panties just a little short of her mini dress, covering her mid-thighs. We kissed and my hands went over her silky legs and under her dress. I had to touch her waist as it was so alluring, watching her body shift from the tickle.

My fingers went under the bra, going straight for her nipples. With my hands still under her dress, she stood up and sat on my legs, her chest right before me. Pulling her dress up, I attacked her nipples with speed and wetness from my saliva. Her hips grinding at my pelvic area was such a torture.

I took out my little brother, which was standing in attention, out of my jeans for a breather. Brushing her panties to one side, I positioned my dick head at her opening, dripping with juice to lubricate the penetration. Feeling the tip on my dick with her hands, she eased herself downwards, throwing me into a pleasure haven. She did all the work this time, moving on her own, we didn’t stop to rest nor change our positions for a sick twenty-five minutes. She slowed down as I told her I was cumming and sped up when she felt that I had rested enough.

As the load rings the bell to exit, I warned her and she just kept going faster, quite in the mood to cum with me. In six spurts, a lot of my protein entered her and her vagina simply squeezed every drop out, pushing from the bottom of my shaft (closest to my balls) to the tip. We rested for approximately another fifteen minutes before deciding it was enough.

I was worried about getting her pregnant, but she assured me that she was taking the pill since the first time we had sex. So tired were we that we had to unwillingly separate my meat from her hole. We still got work next day =)

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