Caught Peeping

She was wearing a low cut dress and sitting right in from of me. The bus was crowded and there isn’t anywhere else to stand but beside her. My eyes were glued to her cleavage, occasionally revealing the darkness beyond her flawless breasts. I bet some guys beside me were admiring too.

She looked around to see if anyone caught the sight of her dozing off and stared at me, quite in time to see me peeping. She stood up on the next stop and pulled me by my arm off the bus and gestured me to follow her to under a block of flats. She started telling me about respect and as expected, my mind was busy fucking her. Low cut top with a denim skirt, anyone would be mind fucking her.

Slowly as she calmed down, a conversation about guys and girls stroke up. The hard on that was revealing through my shorts made the whole situation worse during the ‘how guys get horny’ part of the conversation. She was a pure 20 year old who didn’t want to ‘dirty’ herself getting intimate with guys.

Out of curiosity and for punishment, she asked me to show her my penis. We went to a multi-storey carpark and went to the ladies toilet. I pulled my pants down and in front of her stood a dick in attention. Unable to resist the temptation to get a feel of it, and to see my expression (representing horny boys), she wrapped her fingers around and stroked me gently.

Asking if she is a virgin, she nodded in reply. And also received a nod to the question if she masturbates a lot. I bent lower and slid my hand up her smooth thighs, teasing her pussy through the lacy panties she wore. Pulling up her top above her bra, she pushed my head towards her breasts and I used my free hand to quickly uncovered her breast, revealing a small, pink hard nipple.

Sucking like a baby, I could hear her loud moans. She was masturbating me with one hand, and using her other to push my head onto her boobs. I was rubbing her wet panties while the other of my hands was squeezing her other breasts.

I felt her body shivering, then she suddenly released her grip on my dick and lifted her skirt before squirting a whole lot of juice, into her panties and down her legs. Right after that, she fell kneeling on the floor before me. With the rush of orgasms, she struggled to jerk me off, shooting my load onto her face.

She was too tired from the last climax to care more. I rested on the floor with her in the cubicle. Hearing people enter once in a while to find the toilet locked. She gave me her panties still dripping with her juice and number, hoping to meet again.

She’s a nice girl, and I think we will meet again, definitely more prepared.

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