Shower with Sis

It was a hot day and I popped into the shower once I reached home. Nothing else matter once the cold water hit my head and runs down my body. My family wasn’t really the kind that would lock the doors during the use of bathroom. Once in a while I would spot my mum showering with my dad, probably reliving the younger days.

My sister marched into the shower with her set of clothes and joined me after placing her clothes beside mine on the sink. The hard on I had didn’t quite help me much. She started watering herself as I was soaping halfway. There was no exchange of words or rejection. She pushed on the bottle cap to get some soap onto the body as well. Feeling a little awkward of my upright meat stick, I continued to scrub myself trying my best to keep the thoughts off my head.

She got a little more Dove on her hands and starting cleaning my little brother. Her stroking with the soap was pretty intense. The only sign I had from her was the nipples, clearly hardened and pointy from her horniness. We rinsed the soap off each other and before I could reach for my towel, her hands continued to move up and down my shaft.

Unable to take anymore of her teasing, I pulled her out of the shower and pushed her back downwards over the toilet bowl. I shoved my penis into her hole and she automatically spreaded her legs wider for me. Away I pumped while the shower head was still spraying warm water over our bodies.

With a restricted space, we wouldn’t be able to change to other positons. Feeling a little tired, I slowed down and allowed her to finish me off with her orgasm. I sat on the bowl and she knelt on the towel and sucked me without rest. Her left hand playing her left nipple and right on her pussy, fingering herself.

Without warning, I shot everything down her mouth. After I finished unloading, she took a bit of water from the showerhead and swallowed everything in a gulp or two. And thanks to her, I had a long sleep and woke up about five hours later, to find my sister sleeping soundly beside me, clamping my thigh between her legs like a blooster. The warmth and wetness of a girl’s pussy never fail to turn guys on. And I could feel the above through her panties.

Oh yea, not sure if I covered this in the earlier sessions with her. She likes to sleep in her panties and wear singlet or t-shirt without bra. No doubt she’s my sister, I always get the hard on looking at her. She dyed her hair blond like three days ago, and got her sixth ear piercing on that day too.

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