Good Erotica

Apparently, a girl by the name/ alias January had been reading this blog frequently and emailed me saying how good it was getting her turned on. She wanted to meet me badly. Her msn display picture was a super fantasy girl, from the looks of it, barely legal.

We met at Bishan’s Coffee Bean and chatted for a long time, mostly her probing about my sex life, and inspirations. She’s petite, probably 150cm in height or so, but she dressed really well for her size. Her character tells me that she’s a hyper, and enthuiastic lady, aged 18.

We talked about sensitive topics and knew that she was single and a virgin too, and my entries sort of aroused her interest in sex. I could tell she wanted to explore it with me from her body language. Purposely leaning as forward as possible to keep me watching her cleavage. I could no longer stand the temptation of the cute little sexy package right in front of me. We took our leave and went right to my house for sex, purely sex.

It was kind of intuitive, once alone with me in the bedroom, she stripped and so did I. We kissed and to be honest, deflowering herself in cowgirl position wasn’t really ideal. It was her idea, she wanted to give me her virginity than I take it from her. The first round was without condom as she wanted to feel meat instead of rubber. Of course, I wouldn’t dare shoot in her no matter what.

As it was her first time, her body couldn’t take the non-stop pumping on her fresh pussy and changing of positions. Many times she fell into convulsions and black out, but she made it clear in the elevator up to my place. I have to keep going until she faints from pleasure, and wake up with pleasure as well. I thought she meant once but she wanted me to not stop, so I did listened to her.

There was blood on our thighs, as though a war just ended. She was riding on my tired and limp body. If I remembered correctly, I cummed six times. And knew there was drained of any sperm.

We fell into a long sleep and her constant phone ring woke us up, only to realise we’ve had close to 4 hours of sex, including an approximate hour of sleep. Quickly dressing up, we left after I packed the bedsheets for cleaning, which I should receive a call from my mum about the blood anytime now.

She would be watching for this post about our fun, and here it is. Enjoy!

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