Habbo Fun

I knew her on Habbo Hotel, a social networking game where most are kids. I had been on it for so long that I forgot I was no longer a kid too. Anyway, we chatted there and soon were exchanging numbers, probing more into each other’s lives.

Although we only knew each other for a couple of days, we smsed more like long lost friends, and we haven’t met before too. Her desktop PC broke down and I offered to fix it for her, which she agreed to as well. She stays in Bedok (far) but it was pretty close if I went over from work.

She was waiting at the void deck below her house, dressed in an oversized tee and FBT shorts, giving a last few puffs on the cig she was holding. A short introduction and we’re on our way up to her place.

She was a type of girl who goes pub, drink and spend most of her time outside. Not really skinny, but slim with an attractive contour which would make guys imagine holding her waist while humping from behind.

*ting* and it was her floor. A casual conversation about each other’s day made it less awkward walking to her unit. She was an attractive girl nonetheless, a little of which parents wouldn’t want their sons to hang out with =P. There was no one else at home, her family was out for dinner and she was allowed to bring friends home too. We went to her room and I got started on fixing the desktop. She was behind, but I wasn’t sure if she was watching or doing something else, probably watching the TV that was on.

A pair of arms wrapped around me while I was seated on the cold wooden floor. I could feel a pair of nipples on my back too, ‘Are you cold?’ I asked. ‘Yea, can you warm me up after you’re done?’, and felt her warmness leaving my back.

I hasten my work and finished it in about fifteen minutes, quite ready to warm her up. She was under a blanket on her bed, and the clothes she wore strewn on the floor. I sat beside her and rubbed her shoulders. ‘Still cold? You want me to lie with you?’. She gave the cutest nod like a little girl and I was under the blanket in no time.

She tried unbuckling my belt and as you guys expected, I took off my clothes and left them quite as everywhere as hers. We hugged and kissed passionately, lips running everywhere, making advances so fast quicker than technology. Her hands were stroking me while my fingers were lost in her wet cave, moving in and out, trying to explore her as much.

As much as she wanted it, I took the lead and manoeuvred my body over hers. With my rod pointing towards her face, she rolled the condom over with little difficulty, but was definitely making me harder as she struggled with it.

My dick penetrated her without much friction as she’s already wet, and tight. Her moans were especially cute in a soft purring tone. I loved it when she spoke in mandarin during our love-making. Somehow, I had to keep going to hear more of her. In about eight minutes or so of missionary, she wanted to ride me. As quickly as I could, I went on my back and allowed her to use me as an Osim iGallop. Her hips were working as though she wanted to grind my dick off.

I was literally clenching her bedsheets, holding everything in for as long as I could. Finally, she orgasmed and left a sensation of tightness and wetness on every part of my solid dick. She pulled herself off me and disappeared lower into the blanket. Everything else was mind-blowing.

As slowly as possible, she gently rolled the condom drenched with her juice, upwards and off. And spent fifteen seconds or so disposing it off and went back under the blanket. I felt wetness and warmth around my still-standing meat stick and simultaneous coordination with her hands. Sucking me slowly at first, and speeding up as she gets used to it. With her occasional light bites, I released my three days storage of load into her mouth and when she appeared out of the blanket, she had already swallowed them all.

We lay on the bed naked, tired but satisfied and slowly drifted to sleep. By the time I woke up, she was still asleep and sounds from the TV was heard. I gently nudged her awake and that was when I officially become her boyfriend, after introducing me to her family. It was unforgettable, and definitely addictive. I’m a lucky guy. =)

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