New Neighbours

I was on the stairs going up to my house when I saw one of my neighbours at level 2, about the enter her house. She was about 14-15 years old. Knowing that I haven’t greeted her since they moved in, I stopped by the steps and introduced myself. Her face turned red while talking to me.

She invited me in since we’re in the way of the construction workers doing the lifts. Standing just behind the closed doors, she confessed that she liked me when she first saw me. That explains the embarrassment she felt when I spoke to her. I didn’t know what to say then.

Every time I masturbate, you will come to my mind. I don’t know what to do.‘, she said in a shy voice. Trying to make the conversation less awkward, we chatted about ourselves and a bit on our families. I had difficult keeping my eyes off her cleavage further made obvious by her black tube bra in her white spaghetti top, matched with her black OP skirt.

She could feel that I was trying to end the conversation and hugged me suddenly. I wasn’t prepared, not even a bit. I knew how much trouble and awkwardness this will cause if it gets any further. But no matter how hard I try, my little brother still managed to get up and poked her.

We’re soon on the doors, hugging each other, and her hands lifting up my shirt to go under. She’s cute and quite innocent too, feeling that she doesn’t know what to do. I held her by the waist and asked, ‘Are you sure?’. She nodded her head and pasted her lips on mine. Our hands were so busy undoing each others’ clothes that the fear of her parents returning were gone. We got naked in no time and my dick was hard and rubbing under her pussy.

Her legs were closed together and it was as though I was having sex. She was getting stimulated by my rubbing too. My rod was soon covered in a coat of her juice. Trying to get more of me, she opened her legs and guided my dick into her. As I penetrated her, I could tell she was feeling pain and stopped immediately. Turns out that she was going to give me her first time. Of course I was quite confused. My little brother got soft slowly. I was a little mad at her, doing something so reckless – I didn’t have a condom, nor I want to take her virginity away.

She apologised after I told her how uncomfortable I felt and she worked her hands on my little brother, waking it up again. She sucked me for a little while, probably not used to taking anything in her mouth for so long. She sat me down on the sofa and jerked me off. Her eyes were on me all the time, trying to catch all signs of pleasure. I know she was doing a great job, her hands were perfect and all the right spots were hit.

In about five minutes or so, I felt it coming and alerted her. To my astonishment, she placed her cute lips over the tip and sucked gently while I unloaded. Sucking every drop in, squeezing every drop out, she cleaned me up with her mouth and swallowed in front of me. It felt pleasant to know that someone is willing to do that for you. I masturbated her for a little while more on her bed since she wanted to know how it really feel so she could DIY better.

We cleaned up and had fun dressing each other the way we stripped each other. Of course, we exchanged contacts and somehow, I get the feeling that we’re going to have a lot of fun for a long long time.

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