Tied and Fucked

Her clothes off, legs were spread open with ropes tied at her knees to both sides of the bed. I could adjust how wide her legs were opened just by tightening and loosening the knob under the bed. Her ankles were tied together, usually lifted about 90 degrees from her thighs. A pulley from the ceiling is holding her legs up. Both her hands are ropes to the top corners of the bed. Her head is the only part not restricted.

It was an accident, I would say crime of passion. I had no intentions of holding her hostage like that, I just couldn’t control myself anymore. She was tired from struggling and trying to scream. I opened her legs wider and positioned myself between her legs. I am sure to take her virginity, she just lied on the bed, looking at me and sobbing. I didn’t care at all, my mind was already unstable.

I carefully placed my dick head at her pussy, somewhere I think is the entrance and started moving my hips. In and out my dick started forcing, and she was just screaming as I stretched her hymen bit by bit. With no intention to make this pleasant, I had applied lubricant on her pussy earlier. With a strong shove, I could feel the insides of her pussy getting so tight from the pain. She wasn’t screaming anymore, wasn’t struggling anymore. She knew I took her virginity and I am not stopping.

I moved my dick in and out of her, getting faster as I felt better. Her body was limp, but the sight of her pleading and sobbing kept me going, the veins were showing from the struggle on her arms. I kept going as her tight pussy squeezed harder. Though she was getting raped, her pussy got quite wet and she was having orgasms, just not showing on her face.

I wasn’t going to waste anytime changing positions. As I felt my load coming, I forced myself to pause and asked her, ‘I shoot in you okay?’

Her eyes immediately widened and pleaded like any girl would reply, ‘Nono.. please please. 我以经给你我的第一次了。求求你。不要射在里面。’ (I’ve given you my virginity, please don’t shoot inside.)

I took a moment, calmed myself down and decided to waste a condom on her. Placing the rubber over my dick, I entered her again. And kept pumping her till I released my load. She was relieved that I didn’t shoot in her. But still tired from the struggle. I loosened all ropes (but did not untie any) and she fell into sleep. Using the chance to snap a few pictures of her, I knew I was in trouble.

I untied and clothed her. And she stormed out of the place after waking up. Nothing was in my mind now. Just.. satisfaction with a little guilt.

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