Work Fun

It’s my third day at work, and something nice happened already. There’s a colleague in the sales department, a nice woman, I would say mature, but her beauty is very attention grabbing. I could tell a lot of the guys like to joke with her. She spoke to me for the first time yesterday.

I was on my way out of the industrial place. Suddenly, I heard a car honk and turning back, I saw her. Rolling down her side window, she asked where was I going, and if I am in a rush. She motioned me to hop on once she learnt that I have nothing on. She drove me out for dinner at a kopitiam around her place and invited me up to her place. She doesn’t live alone, but her parents were on holidays. I didn’t know why she invited me up though, such things don’t happen – at least I never expected it to me. The walk to her place was pretty weird too, she was walking very fast and quite excited as well.

Closing the door behind, she dropped everything she carried for work, she reached for her clothes and started stripping in front of me. It turned me on for sure, but I was really wondering if any of this is real. Three days of work and this?! She stripped herself bare and my eyes were fixed on her pussy, catching a glimpse of the glitter of her juice already cumulating.

She walked to me and took off my clothes without any difficulties and knelt down in front, working her mouth. I could feel her expertise, she would deep throat for a while, then licked all over my shaft like eating an ice cream. As she sucked me, we slowly stumbled to her sofa and soon, we’re in a position like a sex slave serving her master. With one hand on my cock, her other was fingering her own pussy. I didn’t had to do anything.. until I felt the load building up.

I nudged her head away, gestured for her to sit at the edge of the sofa while I went down on her. She doesn’t shave, but there wasn’t any smell from her bush. Lapping her like a thirsty kitten, she moaned in a cute and soft tone. Like two kittens having fun. Her hands were soon on my head, ruffling my hair and pushing me to go deeper. A sudden flow of juice came along and her body got into a slight convulsion before finally collapsing on the couch.

I knelt before her and she slid her body lower on the sofa till her pussy was in line with my dick, all ready for sex. I took a new pack of condoms I bought – in case and slipped a rubber on in record time. Once prepared, she used her legs to push me deeper as I found the hole and was making my way in. We had sex in this position and she was just overwhelmed with pleasure, her moans were not loud, but sexy, like those japanese AV.

I pumped her as fast as I could and the feeling of her juice streaming down my balls came wave after wave. As she got tighter again, I knew she was cumming.

‘Don’t slow down now, I want to cum with you.’

I hasten my tempo. With a short sharp scream, I came into her, giving her all I had. Her pussy was squeezing me from the bottom of my shaft up. It was a nice experience doing with someone more experienced, and horny. We rested naked on her sofa until it was too late and I had to go. She drove me back to my house and just before I exit her car, she told me something.

‘I enjoyed earlier, maybe I can send you home after work if you have nothing on? Goodnight.’

‘Yeah.. okay. I’ll let you know when I’m free? *smile*’

We exchanged contact and went our separate ways. Will there be another time? Hmm.. probably. IAP is long. =)

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