It’s Her Turn

Day: Thursday
Date: 26 November 2009
Time: 5.30pm
Location: Ang Mo Kio St 24

Just two days from my first torture rape, my little brother seem to like the idea a lot and kept me thinking of her. Finally giving in, I rang her up and waited for her at the void deck to return from work. I saw a familiar figure walking towards me and it was her, in a shawl draped over her spaghetti top and a thigh-length denim skirt.

She held my hand as she continued into the lift. And once we’re inside, she lifted up her skirt and took off her panties, passed it to me and went to remove her bra as well. It was super turn on to see a girl do that in lift with a little window on the doors.

We didn’t waste anytime getting naked and touchy on her couch. She was wet and I was hard. Perfect timing for a quick fuck. She brought me to her bed and showed me the constraints she had at the ends of the bed. I shoved her down and tied her up, I could tell she was loving it, she did struggle but it was more of to make me harder.

A pole of about 1.5 metres spread her legs by the knees, quite wide for many things. And her hands were bounded to the ends of the bed, looking like a dog being tortured. For warm up, I poured her a cup of Martell from the opened bottle placed in the dining, she finished it in a straw and quickly too. I kept making her drink until she was quiet drunk and high. I capped the bottle back, and went to wash the top before forcing the bottle top-first into her starving pussy. She was moaning and her body was fighting but the constraints were holding up quite well.

I was fucking her with the bottle and just 30 seconds into it, she’s enjoying it. I wasn’t going to just let her enjoy. As I felt her body shivering from cumming, I pulled it out immediately, ending her orgasm RIGHT before it. It was my turn, and her pussy is asking for it. Tightening and loosening at the opening, I slid my hard shaft in and pounded away.

Her pussy wasn’t as tight as the last time and I could last about 3 of her orgasms before cumming into her. I rotated her torture between my dick and the bottle till her body was too limp for anymore. I released her from the constraints and tucked her in bed before whipping out my phone for some memory photos.

She slept throughout the 3 hours I was at her house and the random fucking while she was out. It was a cosy house and I could easily made it my second home. I unknowingly fell asleep beside her and was drained by her wake-up-blowjob. =)

I got a dressing down when I reached home – at 1am.

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