2 New(er) Apps

One for writing, one for passwords. Let’s get started!

Standard Notes

For the few of us who still writes (not just taking notes), I have to make it known that I am no longer using iA Writer, since it crashed a few times midway through a story. I have given it ample chances, and it failed me enough to finally give up on it – in rage.

After scouring the PlayStore for a long time, testing a number of apps, I found one, unlikely, never-heard-before winner. It’s name is Standard Notes (not to be confused with Simple Notes since they have the same abbreviation S.Notes). Once I downloaded it, customised the theme a little, I got hooked on its simple, and straightforward layout.

The two main features that got to me was its almost-word-for-word backup frequency, and a hashtag functionality to keep files organised, there is nothing more a writer/ dabbler could ask for! Apart from those (two), you get a proper archiving system, encryption, cloud storage, and ‘export’ functions.

It’s available for major OSes, for mobile too! Give it a try!



This, might be a little out of topic but I think that it is time, and more important-than-ever, to have a password manager. Despite having ‘similar’ passwords for a number of online accounts, I am less-undaunted to come up with more difficult/ complex ones for my new sign ups.

All your information is stored on the cloud, and it is open-sourced (means free to audit, and free to use!) Auto-fill, auto-remember, password generator, auto-sign-out, it is now a trustee of my credit card information so I can fill out shopping forms with a click!

Anyway, it’s the simplest and least wayang password manager I have ever seen, without so much a promotional shoutout. But here I am shouting them out.

Go check them out and have your password managed! Available on most platforms too!


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