Jojo’s Magic

‘Boy ah. This is Jojo, she will be staying with us for a few days. I pass you one hundred dollars first. Settle her in and see what she needs. Tell me if it isn’t enough.’

‘Okayyy.. ‘

My mum placed the money by my laptop I was gaming on and left the house in one of her black dresses, for the KTV where she worked at as a mamasan after my dad ditched us. Living the dream of people my age, I worked from home under my mum, balancing the accounts of a private limited business we set up to process her high income.

That day was the first time I had someone from her workplace in my house, but I wasn’t too surprised given how complex the procedure was to get whatever permits and visas to work in that specific industry. Seeing her in a tight fitting crop top and a pair of low waist shorts on, I could already gauge how ‘successful’ she was going to be.

‘Alex.. ‘

The girl in early 20s came into my room and sat next to me on the bed, peering into my screen which made me uncomfortable within seconds. Having just fans to cool myself in the hot afternoon weather, I only had a pair of lounge shorts on. At the close proximity, a sweet floral scent clouded my mind while her fair, tiny waist caught all of my attention.

(Me asking) ‘Do you need something?’

‘Let me give you a massage?’

I laid on my chest at her request, while she massaged me from my neck downwards. As she was halfway stripping my shorts off, my phone rang minutes later for my mum to brief me about her situation.

(Mum on phone) ‘Jojo will only be there for a week. Then I’ll move her to the shop once her permit is approved. Teach her what you know k?’

‘Yupp. I’ll try.’

Jojo’s fingers found their way between my legs after I set the phone down, teasing my balls incessantly no matter how much I wriggled. I flipped myself around once she made some space, and began to give my manhood THE massage.

‘You can take off your clothes if you want. I know it’s hot.’

A bright pink set of lingerie appeared before me and she resumed the handjob, using some of the special oil she dabbed from a bottle that resembled ‘Ru Yi Yu (Chinese ointment for gastric bloat)’, as lubricant. It was chilling, yet warm in her palms when she smeared it all over my hard on. In no time, I was looking at the most swollen, hardest, thickest erection ever in my life.

She sat on my thighs and slid her panty-clad groin over my penis, rubbing up and down against my belly.

‘Take it off?’

The wink came as she removed it before my eyes, exposing the smoothest pussy I ever saw in months. She capped me on as a industry guideline before mounting onto my cock, taking it in that one upward stroke I delivered into her pussy. Hot, wet, slippery. She twerked her hips so easily to drive me crazy, fucking me at her own pace.

I was controlling myself as best as I could, until I could no longer take it anymore and flipped her over into doggy. That wild Jojo had gotten enough of me and I figured it was time to return the favour too. Shoving my Singaporean cock into her China pussy, her moans blasted into the room as soon as I began pounding her. Ramming non-stop at my highest speed, her cute voice turned into deep groans as I made long, deep thrusts into her.

I could not predict how soon I would cum with the magic oil she applied, and only went faster and faster till my rhythm was out of sync. Her body slowly slouched onto the bed as I hammered her flat, rendering her breathless and weak within the ten minutes we had been humping.

(her moaning) ‘Let me help you shoot. You’re tired.’

Having no more energy, I slumped into bed and watched her kneel between my legs, doing some unseen squeezing exercises on my dick. The composed, unhurried modified handjob lasted over fifteen minutes, increasing my urge and desperation with perfectly pressured fingers milking my cock.

‘I think I’m shooting soon.’

Since I was no longer inside her, the condom was gone since I pulled out of her. She just kept working her magic till she pushed on my gouch (area between anus and scrotum). The tallest jet of cum launched into the air and it kept shooting for as long as she vibrated her fingertip there. My eyelids suddenly blocked all of my vision and my strength just drained from that singular tip that was spewing all of the cum I couldn’t imagine my balls to hold.

Jojo continued milking me until every last drop was out, and cleaned me up with her silk panties around my shaft. Lifeless, I couldn’t move an inch while she tided the room up, joining me in bed after everything was in place – I hope. I could only recall waking up for an in-bed dinner of rice and steamed eggs that she cooked, before falling asleep again.

In the morning, neither my mum or JoJo mentioned about what we just did, but I suspected she, my mum, already knew when she couldn’t find her girl anywhere else in the house. For the rest of the week, Jojo would follow my mum around until 5pm, where she then return home alone to follow up with the rest of the penis enlarging treatment.

The two rounds of sex she made me have with her nightly improved my stamina, since it was especially longer lasting after every ‘first shot of the day’.

A week later, Jojo left and I never saw her again.

‘Ah boy. This is Kiki. She just turned 18 a few days ago. Take good care of her k?’


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