Motherly Approval

With my hands trembling cold, I couldn’t imagine what she would tell me. My girlfriend’s mum called me on my phone, and asked me over to their place – while her daughter was at school.

‘Sit here. I’ll get you a cup of water.’

My arms and feet shivered whenever a cold breeze entered the window, for the possible ultimatum that I might not be able to date her daughter. In any case, I drank half the water in the cup out of respect before she began the serious discussion.

‘You know, my girl is almost 5 years younger than you. And she might not know how to pick the right guy for her. As a mother, I hope you are not just toying with her heart.’

‘I am definitely not toying with her heart. As much as I want things to work out with her, we are still at the process of understanding each other. So I cannot guarantee that there won’t be any heartbreaks if we are not compatible.’

‘Good. I like how you think. Getting to know you is her job. And I have the responsibility to ask you things that girls her age might not know to ask. Like if you are sexually fit.’

‘I believe I am. My sex life with my ex-girlfriends has been quite active.’

‘Can you show me your penis?’

Hiding my shock to her uninvited question, I was thrown into a dilemma I never thought a twenty-three year old would face. Shifting my eyes around at her stern, unfaltering gaze, I knew I was getting a little too deep into her misplaced ‘request’. I gave a silent sigh, stood up and lowered my pants, hoping that she would not notice the strong scent on the day-old underwear. The mother of one then flipped my dick upwards to check the undersides, before feeling my testicles in her palm. Towering over her, the white lacy bra flashed momentarily through her collar, but it still wasn’t enough to let my mind wander.

Next, her nails dug into my foreskin and revealed my raw head, which some smegma had shrouded the tip in a thin white film.

(She instructed) ‘Stay still k?’

She poured some water onto a tissue and cleaned me up, unperturbed by my hardening cock. Her fingers continued to caress me over until I was at full length, to which she then popped the next question.

‘Is this as big as you can get?’

‘Not from what I can remember.’

Her nose then went straight to its tip for a ‘smell check’, an action which I thought was medically-sound to check for any STDs. Immediately after that, her mouth took my cock in and her tongue began to make circles under the ‘hood’. Taken aback by the sudden surge of pleasure, my knees gave way and hit the edge of her sofa.

‘Climb on top.’

I waded on my knees into the couch as she shifted into the backrest, resuming that blowjob while toying with my balls. I had no idea why was I letting a mother do this to me, but she wasn’t about to loosen that firm grip at all. Every time I tried to pull out, she would clamp the tip with her teeth. A few ‘warnings’ later, I knew better to keep still, and let her did her ‘checks’, instead of struggling.

‘This is the biggest now?’

(As I panted) ‘Yes yes. It is.’

(She commanded sternly) ‘Don’t move.’

She took her top off and I could finally see the unpadded, translucent bra in its full glory, the type that wouldn’t be practical if worn outdoors. Also noticing her matching panties, it had an open-slit design that was meant to be part of a seductive nightwear.

‘If you are so sure you are clean, put it inside me to prove it. I won’t let you go near my daughter if you are carrying anything.’

We adjusted our position for her to lie down, while I remained on my knees between her legs. For once, I got to see the curvy, toned body of a mature mother, an older clone of the girl I was dating. Having no choice but to please her mother ‘first’, I let my morals fade and slid my cock into her pussy, groaning to the tightness which I wouldn’t know if her daughter could match, since we have yet to get that far.

My hips kept pumping once she pulled my body against hers, jerking and thrusting all 6 inches of it into where she wanted it to reach. At no time did she felt like a married woman at all. An active, wild, adventurous lady was all that I could picture, as I plunged that cock repeatedly into her screaming body.

(She gasped hysterically) ‘GOD! YOU’RE DEFINITELY THE ONE!’

(I groaned) ‘Thanks Auntie!’

(She whispered) ‘if not for her, you’re for me.. ‘

Three seconds were all I allowed myself to be confused for, before slamming my groin at hers for another set of high-speed fucking. We were inseparable for the moment our genitals joined as one, mixing bodily-fluids as her pussy released little jets along my shaft.

The tightness was gradually devouring me as my hard shaft gave in to her soft, meaty insides, which was massaging it in some unbelievably, heavenly squeezing motion.

(I whispered) ‘i’m cumming.. i’m cumming now!’

I retracted my hips before the last straw and let her sit me upright on the sofa, before she squatted at my feet. With one hand, she pushed me as far back as I could lean, while her lips replaced her vagina to vacuum everything out of me. Within a minute, my toes cramped up, thighs began twitching, hips jutting wildly. The most intense orgasm exploded from my cock into her mouth, squirting every last bit I had saved up for the huge load ‘her daughter wanted to see when we pet again’.

Once I was expended, she released my cum into her palm to take a closer look at it.

‘Thick, gooey, consistent. A pass.’

She slurped that puddle through her pouted lips and tasted it like wine, before swallowing it. We got dressed once we got her approval, just thirty minutes before her daughter returned from school.

‘J?! Mummy!’

(Mum explained) ‘What? I invited him over to cook – and talk.’

‘Talk about?’

(Mum answered) ‘Secret. Go to your room now. I’ll see you two when dinner is ready.’

Whatever she just heard, made her really happy that instant, for her mum had never been ‘sensible’ whenever I was around, much less got told to ‘go to her room’. In there, I stood my ground in NOT cumming that evening and gave her countless clitoral orgasms to make up for it. After dinner, we were left on our own again in her room, and she gave me a blowjob that got me squirting a second load that matched the first one.

(Girlfriend whispered) ‘So, you did save up for me! I’ll ask my mum if you can spend the night here. You’re getting it tonight.’

Between the both of them, I only had to use condoms with one. Can you guess who?

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