(Maeve WhatsApp message) ‘J, I couldn’t think of a better, or worse time to send you this, but I wanted our distance to help you protect me from what you may feel upon seeing the video. I know that you have once told me about your fetish for other men to ‘have’ me, and I, more often than not, mentioned that I had such fantasies too.

I don’t know if you meant it, but I didn’t want to do anything without you around. I want to confess that I missed you more than usual during this two weeks that we were apart, and I did something that I hope won’t make you angry.

I want to make sure that I had something, like this long message, to explain myself before you have second thoughts about me. Please know that I love you very much, more than you love me.

I went online to look for some army boys, NSFs to be exact, and three of them caught my attention.

One of them booked a room at Ritz Carlton and I went to meet them in the black, long-sleeved, low-cut top that you bought me. Underneath that, I wore that set of white lingerie, which they have torn even before we got started.

To be honest, when I stood in the midst of them, I was frightened, that you might find me too dirty to ever lay your hands on me again, or simply not want me altogether. Before my thoughts wander any further, they started to touch me, taking pieces of my clothes off one at a time. When they got me down to my panties, they brought me to the bed and two of them laid at my sides, while the third stayed above my head.

He was in charge of holding my arms up while his buddies removed the last of my dignity, and he did not let go when they began slipping their fingers into where they didn’t belong. I tried to struggle a bit to make things ‘difficult’ for them, but soon realised that they were indeed stronger than they looked.

They went on to suck my nipples until they were both hard and sore, essentially becoming so sensitive that even a breath of warm air over it would hurt. They then pried my legs opened and clamped each knee between their legs, using such little effort that sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t tell just how strong they were.

I went on to spend the next thirty, or sixty, or even ninty minutes in a daze, climaxing non-stop from their continuous teasing and fingering. I did tell them that I didn’t like having fingers inside me, but they wouldn’t listen.

Whenever one of them got tired, they would switch places with the guy holding my arms, and resume their purposeful work to keep me coming.

By the time they were all bored, I was too weak to move, and therefore requiring even less strength to restrain. The first of them took me in missionary and another guy just did the doggystyle form over my head to kind-of force his dick into my mouth.

I was afraid to disappoint or hurt him so I sucked him off as his buddy had sex with me. Somehow, they didn’t obey my instruction to use condoms and did me raw, with the first shot going deep into my mouth before another shot entered my pussy.

I had barely composed myself when the third guy flipped me into doggystyle, swiftly piercing his cock into me and rammed me so violently. I came once in this position and he came shortly after, over-filling my already-sore hole.

After a few short minutes, the first two guys were back at it but they switched positions this time. Still, none of them could last as long as you and came into my mouth and pussy again.

I went down on the third guy on my own and made him cum so hard his legs turned wobbly, and the night came to an end – more or less.

After they left, I thought about you and touched myself. I came about three times, but was too exhausted to continue. So I went on Whisper and found someone, who came over, fucked me, came inside me, and left. I didn’t even noticed the S$300 he placed on the dress until the next morning.

Will you blame me for finding other guys? Will you still want me? Will you love me less? The video I attached, was taken by one of the three guys. That was the one important thing they didn’t forget. And I think they did a good job on it too.

What do you think?’

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