Lest We Got Together

(Kate whispered) ‘morning J.. sorry to wake you.. ‘

Before I was even fully awake, she had rolled me over onto my back, and lifted the sheets high enough to expose my shrunken, little weiner. While she did give me some kind of handjob, it was the sloppy type that wasn’t too focused on ‘experience’.

As soon as I was hard enough (to keep its form), she climbed over my lap and gave her clit a quick rub, or however long it took for her to get a little wet. Once she felt ready, she lowered her pussy over my erection and let herself loose, gyrating her hips, slamming her bum, and rocking her waist as fast and wild as she could to extract the maximum amount of pleasure from me.

However, unlike most ‘couples’, this almost-daily activity benefited only one person at once, being whoever initiated the whole.. session. As sexy as it was to have a girl climaxing time after time while riding my cock, she was doing it solely for her own pleasure.

After she had exhausted and wet herself, she would picked herself off my dumbfounded cock and go about her day, taking a shower, getting dressed, applying makeup, and then leave home for work.

And what can I do about that erection she caused and neglected? We had an understanding that either of us were more than welcome to get involved with each other at any part of the day, and we weren’t shy about doing it.

I joined her at the dresser where she was applying her makeup and slipped my muscular, throbbing cock into her. To watch her do her best to be prettier while getting humped from behind, it was one of the more distracting, and erotic moments I could recall in all my life.

When I am about to cum, I would always ask her where would she like me to unload, despite getting the same response – ‘into my panties’, everytime.

So I would fill her panties up, and helped her put it on before leaving her to get ready. And that concludes the times when she wakes up first.

My adventure was in essence a shorter one, though I wouldn’t say that it was any less ‘intense’. Since I worked in the F&B line, I would often go to work when she isn’t around, and return only when she is sound asleep.

In my case, I would just go up to her, drizzle some lube over her pussy, and immediately help myself to her, ideally without making too much noise. No matter in missionary or doggystyle, I didn’t have to shift her too much from her initial position.

Due to the contraceptive jab she received when we began this secret ‘tryst’, there wasn’t anything that we had to worry about, the only mess being the varying degree of ‘stains’ that oozed out of her whenever I came into her pussy.

Nonetheless, I still relief my urges into her and then cope with her nagging the next day. Luckily, my cousin, or better known as Kate, was a fan of bubble tea, and that was exactly what I make day in and day out.

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