For Stallions Only

Just when I thought I was at my ‘biggest’, I was somewhat glad to see that he was still growing, in terms of girth and length. Maeve and I were just surprised to see how gigantic I could get, to the point it sorts of ached.

(Maeve asked) ‘Are you feeling fine? Does it hurt?’

(I replied) ‘No. It’s achey but not painful. You took the pain away with your mouth.’

That said, she gave me grin and went back to savour my monstrous manhood, keeping up with the pinky-anal-play that she had brought up out of the blue. Once I had built up more ‘urge’ than ‘relaxation’ from the body-tingling blowjob she gave, I invited her to get on top and she obliged eagerly.

Learning that she could barely hold it within her hand, she went into a squatting-position and lowered herself slowly, mixing an up-down hopping motion to guide me in slow. For the first time, she had to pause more frequently due to pain, and even engaged her own fingers for some clit-rub to ease her vagina. What usually took a mere few seconds and a surge of impatience, happened over one to two long minutes, and a tad of fear from riding this ‘beast’.

(She asked) ‘Are you all inside me?’

I nodded to a gasping, wincing girl whom I thought was more than ready for this. Without further ado, she started bouncing atop me and quickly resumed her usual self, hissing and snarling as I repeatedly stuffed her full of meat. Somehow, in the midst of all that passionate, fluid-exchange, I was getting frustrated, like I was in a body that didn’t belong to me, and thus didn’t feel as ‘personal’, ‘relevant’, or ‘present’. In simpler terms, I needed more of everything that we were doing, be it affection, passion, lust, or even rage.

Before I realised, I was grasping her breasts too hard, and she had to pry my hands away to get my attention. When I suggested her to adopt the ‘missionary’ position, I found myself coping with a sense of frustration at her slowness, exhibiting an emotion I was too ‘chill’ for. Once she was on her back, I just jabbed my cock into her and watched her face, strangely hoping to see some kind of helplessness, or discomfort from my pounding.

When I saw more enjoyment than suffering, I placed my thumb and index finger on her clit and pinched it angrily, throwing her off the mindless journey to orgasm. Finally, I found some satisfaction at her sexual expense, and it fueled my engines for more violent thrusts.


Her words faded into the background as I drove my cock deeper into her, deeply enjoying her struggle with that pulsing contraction inside of her. Somehow, I had managed to remember to loosen my grip after tightening my hand around her neck. My body just kept moving on its own despite my complete awareness, even cumming once into her without so much a pause.

When she finally bent one of my fingers back far enough to hurt me sober, I snapped out of the trance and backed away from her, completely aware of what I just did.

(Maeve calmly said) ‘Love? come here love.. It isn’t fault. You didn’t mean to hurt me.’

(I snapped back) ‘What do you mean? I tried to strangle you. I grabbed your boobs so hard that it hurt you and I enjoyed it. I lost myself.’

‘No no.. That’s not what happened. We got too engrossed with making love that you got a little carried away. It doesn’t hurt now. I’m not hurt now. Come here.’

I stepped cautiously into her arms and let her hold me, while I pondered about what came over me. I was still in her embrace when she put a hand over my crotch, where’ he’ was still standing tall.

(Maeve whispered) ‘we should do something about this. what do you feel like doing?’

(I asked shyly) ‘can you go down on me?’

‘with pleasure.’

As far as I could remember, those were the last words before I went rogue again, slamming her face into my groin or vice versa – if she stopped me in any way. I just kept going and gloating at her demise, chugging my long slab of meat down her throat until she was throwing up saliva all over the floor. There wasn’t much memories that remained of that evening, but I knew that she nearly fainted at the moment I came, pouring out cum into her mouth as she fell away from me.

Still hard, I held her legs apart as I went back to missionary, ramming the life out of her. I didn’t notice when did I exactly snap out of it, but I was all cleaned up and dressed when she woke me up with McDonald’s. The next morning, she came clean with the anal suppository she had secretly inserted into me, which contained a (male) performance-enhancing drug.

When we Googled that specific brand, we learnt that it was designed for stallions, for ‘breeding’ purposes. Needless to say, we never went anywhere near to such medications again.

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