Outdoor-sy Spirits

(I greeted) ‘Hi love.’

(Maeve slurring) ‘Heyyy.. proceeds to give me a hug

‘Are you ready to head up?’

‘You can keep writing. I would like to sit here for a bit.’

No more than a few minutes after I resumed my work, Maeve placed a hand over my thigh and started sliding it around randomly, effectively-distracting me with the uncertainty of her intent. It didn’t take long for her to finally ‘reach’ my groin area, though she seemed too drunk to know what she was doing.


(She hushed) ‘shhh.. ‘

Skilfully, she wriggled her way into my shorts and grabbed a hold of my erecting weiner before I could say anything else, and took my breath away with her warm grip. What followed was a worrying, erotic, reluctant, and/ or excited struggle to remind her of the ‘risks’, though she might be too oblivious to our ‘surroundings’. In no time, I was as hard as a rock, and all I could think of was ‘what I could do with it’.

Almost immediately, she saw my unspoken dilemma and tugged the worn-out waistband of my shorts down, exposing my cock for a moment before she leaned over. There was no way I could muffle the moan that escaped my mouth when she slipped her lips around it, warming and wetting it so seamlessly. A few seconds in, and I was both thrilled and overwhelmed with a sense of paranoia, but rendered ‘helpless’ by the europhia she was infusing through my loin.

Unlike our past (few) attempts at ‘outdoor fornication’, she did not raise a single eyebrow at our surrounding and kept going at it, splitting my mind between a ‘lookout’ and carnal pleasure. Although there were occasions I had to stop her for the passerbys, she didn’t hesitate to resume her ‘task’ at the next available opportunity.

After ten minutes of one-sided, heart-racing, public blowjob, I had to call for a break to recalibrate my momentum. She switched over to her hand, lubricated my member with some saliva, and kept stroking me as sensually as she could. From teasing the tip of my cock with her thumb, to rolling my balls in her palm, and using her knuckles to give my manhood a mind-blowing massage, she did all that without a care for the world.

(I whispered breathlessly) ‘I’m cumming soon. Can you just move up and down?’

Maintaining a loose grip of my cock, she stood up, went between my legs, and raised her dress up before sitting her pussy over that throbbing meat. I was mentally prepared to ‘restart the entire process’ when she surprised me by simply rubbing herself, and moved her hips just enough to keep me ‘interested’. I didn’t know what she was up to until she was profusely wetter, and tighter with an upward, milking motion along her vaginal walls. Instantly, my body went right to the edge of climax, which was still quite controllable. What I didn’t expect, was for her to slide a finger over my perineum, and prodded it violently.

My vision faded into white momentarily as my hips buckled for that intense orgasm, that I never knew my body was capable of. Spurt after spurt, my ‘big boy’ basically coughed up everything I had until it became soft, and overly-sensitive that a minor ‘tease’ would make it twitch.

My satiated lover then tucked two fingers into her puffy, lower-lips to hold it ‘shut’, stood upright, and proceeded to feed on her cum-coated fingers. Some of it did land on the floor, but for the rest that didn’t, it went into her stomach. By then, I was too spent to do anything else, left for home shortly after.

Back in my bedroom, she was all over me again. Sucking as she touched herself, climaxing once after another. And as soon as I was ‘ready to go’, I didn’t disappoint her and gave her exactly what we have been waiting for – a good, pre-bedtime workout.

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