Stranger Still

‘Hey baby.. ‘, I had to exasperate my morning greeting as I felt my smelly being dragged across my eyes, making sure that my senses were not ‘disturbed’ as she unveiled my manhood. Following that sleepy wake-up call, she then proceed to give me the most gentle, soft massage along my rising flagpole, while playfully licking its very tip to further arouse me.

As she kept up with that sensual caress of my precious man-part, I slowly drifted back into a light slumber which was promptly interrupted when she suddenly tucked the entirety of my shaft into her warm mouth. Completely unguarded against her unannounced ‘attack’, I spent the next minute gasping in pleasure as my stick succumbed to her deep, but unhurried blowjob. Before I know it, sparks were flying within my closed eyes, body trembling to every one of her improvised ‘tricks’ that shocked my little one.

Soon, she found a manageable rhythm that kept me shivering and sighing to her up-down moving lips, and started moaning into my loin. ‘Are you touching yourself?’, I asked her in my weak and submissive voice, only to get a head-shake that pushed my other less-known buttons.

I did not think much of that and remained as still as I could while enjoying her blessing, partially fighting the urge to just take control and dick her. When she finally concluded that mind-numbing, royalty-style blowjob, my mind had momentarily forgotten how to make any immediate decisions.

Although I was still in limbo, I could make out what she was up to next by the feet she placed on either side of my hips, followed by the slight pressure of both her hands on my belly. It was apparent that she was about to go wild on top of me and there was nothing more a man could ask for from a girl so willing-to-please. Gradually, her delicate pussy devoured me whole and I was once again thrown into an euphoric abyss.

Despite the unfamiliar ‘style’ she was riding my cock in, I was too turned-on to make any comments, especially about the pussy doing its job too well. The unpredictable contractions, combined with untold wetness, both hit, and soothed, my ravenous rod into an obedient pole. Against my best efforts to sustain my erection as long as possible, it was simply too overwhelming to contain any part of that crazy, strangely-motivated hips.

Before I hit that point-of-no-return, I sounded my usual warning which usually meant ‘keep going’ – except on this particular morning, she had something else in mind. I will still in the mood when she suddenly froze all ‘progress’, pinned my flailing hands onto the bed, and swiftly lifted her pussy off me. Confused, and on the edge of happiness/ sadness, my mind was imagining all sorts of plot twists when a mouth, going over my cock, reminded me of a much simpler ending.

I have to admit, it has been a long time since I came into her mouth, and that unexpected, dirty twist quickly put me back on the train wagon, heading straight for pleasure town, until I felt a second pair of lips along my shaft. The two mouths then took long turns at my erupting penis, switching places at every bad timing they could grasp.

Finally, after an eternity of the two-pronged assault, I made my second call for the previously-failed strike. It was only then, the blindfold was graciously pulled from my eyes so I could watch, the known-but-unfamiliar face gorging on my cock up to the time of explosion. That same load was then airdropped back over my shriveling member, for Maeve to slurp it up as hungrily as she always did. Only this time, she was kind enough to share some (untold portion) of it, thereafter swallowing the rest.

After that, Maeve just dove into my arms and made out with me for as long her partner-in-crime needed to wash and dress herself up, then ‘escaping’ the room before we slacked off. For the rest of the day, we just enjoyed each others’ company without bringing ‘her’ up, and I probably never will unless she spoke about it first.

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